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Virtual Thing of the Day: 4/20/20


It’s okay. They’re snorkeling.

Dear, dear parents who are suddenly teachers, how’s it going? We all know how stressful the current situation is, but I’m guessing it’s extra hard on the parents who have to try to entertain/occupy/educate their children. I feel you, and so does Popular Science.

Below are excerpts from the magazine’s very solid list of educational and interesting things that can help you educate your kids in ways that don’t feel like homework for either of you. I hope it helps.

If you like what you see, you can read the whole article here. Hang in there. No snorkeling.

  • Club Scikidz:
    • Content appropriate for: elementary and middle school students
    • What’s available: daily science lessons and activities for kids
  • New York City Public Library:
    • Content appropriate for: all ages
    • What’s available: free audiobooks, online live homework help (in English and Spanish), and more
  • Beanstalk:
    • Content appropriate for: kids ages 18 mos to 6 years old
    • What’s available: three months of live and on-demand science and art lessons, and varied activities
  • Mathgames:
    • Content appropriate for: pre-K to eighth-grade students
    • What’s available: games (free and paid) for different math skills and levels
  • The Audubon Society:
    • Content appropriate for: elementary and middle school students
    • What’s available: bird guides, craft and art projects, and outdoor activities
  • Rosetta Stone:
    • Content appropriate for: students from kindergarten to 12th grade
    • What’s available: three months of free language lessons (available in 24 languages)
  • Khan Academy:
    • Content appropriate for: all ages
    • What’s available: guides for students, parents, and teachers available in 40 languages, daily livestreams on Facebook and YouTube, plus schedules for students of all ages

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

8 thoughts on “Virtual Thing of the Day: 4/20/20

  1. Wish we had all of this available when my sons were being home schooled …long time ago.

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    • I know what you mean. I was a challenging student. I excelled at the subjects that interested me, but if I had a bad teacher, I lost all interest and dialed it in. I often wonder what kind of student I could have been if learning had been available to me at the speed and breadth that it is now.


  2. Thank you, this is a really beautiful and thoughtful share.

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  3. Do you mind if I share this?


  4. I am very happy that parents are finding out how hard it is with some kids to teach them anything. My daughter-in-law has and is continure to home school all six of my grandkids. Two have already gradulated college with hornors. Two more are in college and doing extremely well. Two still at home. I sent this to her but she already has a lot of web sites that can be used for home school.
    Donna — Thanksd for post the links. Hal

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