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Of a Revolution


Photo Credit: Zoe Rain

Today, I’m talking about a great band that is new to me, but very much not new to the world of music. This is Of a Revolution, O.A.R. for short. I first heard one of their songs posted on a friend’s feed (thanks SB!), and I was impressed with their sound and their musical maturity and with how really together they were. I needed to know more. The band has a kind of a U2 vibe, which I would not expect to like, since I don’t love U2. (An unpopular opinion, I know. I met Bono years ago, and his ego just put me off. I can’t separate him from the music.) Anyway, back to O.A.R.

When I looked them up, I was amazed to discover they’ve been playing together for 20+ years. Some of these guys have been playing together since middle school! The band hit the 1 million record mark way back in 2006, and they have performed sold-out shows at major venues including Madison Square Garden and Red Rocks, and they’ve got a really solid, loyal following (read 30 million views on YouTube). So where the hell have I been all this time?

You can follow Of a Revolution on their website and on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

8 thoughts on “Of a Revolution

  1. They are or he is very good. I really enjoyed the background video as much as I did the music. Cleaver video work on a couple of them. The Unversity of Florida is going to stream most of its music shows. I am really looking forward to watching them. There is very little of any type of music that I don’t like. I also had my first “Zoom” meeting two days ago. Here is the UF music link: — Hal

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  2. How nice to see ‘clean cut’ solo singing instead of looking like they crawled out of a dump.

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  3. No way, Donna! We have another thing in common: I also dislike U2. When they were touring their Achtung Baby album and I was in my teens, a friend offered me a spare ticket for the concert for free. I turned down the offer partly because I couldn’t stand U2 and partly because I had set myself some extra homework to do that weekend. Homework was officially preferable to U2. I have never met Bono but know a few people who have and they all came away with the same opinion as you have.

    I am hugely impressed that some members of this band have been together since Middle School. I thought that was the period in life where you make and lose friends pretty quickly because of how much you change, growing up and apart. Or was that just me?


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