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Mid-Century Essential


I stumbled upon Essential Home on Instagram, and spend a happy hour exploring their gorgeous interior photos. I thought maybe they were a design magazine or a decor website. It wasn’t until I clicked the link in their bio that I realized that Essential Home is in fact a mid-century modern furniture and housewares brand. Their beautifully-staged IG photos feel more like editorial work from Architectural Digest or Elle Decor. I didn’t feel like someone was selling to me; I was just fascinated and inspired.

Not for the modest budget, the gob-smacking furniture pieces are sold by UK-based parent company, DelightFULL. The brand is headed up by lead designer Carlo Donati, a legend in the Italian architecture and design world. His talent for reinventing mid-century modern influences for modern living is not to be missed.

“Designing for Essential Home is a challenge I took up with enthusiasm because it gives me the opportunity to work on one of my favorite styles and moods which is the mid-century modern reloaded with new cues and materials”

– Carlo Donati

You can follow Essential Home’s delicious feed on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and you can check out their beautiful wares on their website.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

18 thoughts on “Mid-Century Essential

  1. I will take a whole house full! Splendid design, color, and texture! Thanks for this!

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  2. Wow. I was thinking this was from Architectural Digest, too. Absolutely, breathtakingly gorgeous.

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  3. I do understand the importance of new design but they just don.t look ‘family friendly’ to me.

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  4. Gorgeously sophisticated. I love the use of bold, rich colour against shades of white or brightly lit neutrals.

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  5. I love one of them and I would be happy to have it in my house. Keep in mind that I live in a “double-wide’ mobile home. I own my ground in the woods with about 150 more. Very few houses are not mobile homes here. This is not a mobile home park. All of them are great to look at, There are a lot of ‘snow birds’ that live here. I would not mind having a whole picture book of them. But they are not something that I would ever buy with the one exception. . Hal

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  6. It has been my dream to do: 1. Visit the Amazon. 2. Be part of a safari in Africa. 3. Visit Egypt and see all the wonders 4. Visit (safely) all the Bible area in and around Israel. It is never going to happen but I was 16 years old and I and my best friend were going to canoe down the Mississippi river from the start to New Orleans during our summer school vacation. Parents thought it was too dangerous and it never happened. Today, I want to do it with a ‘houseboat’. I bet everybody has dreams of where they would love to see/go. Thanks to the Internet, I visit a lot of places from the comfort of my home but it is not like being there. Hal

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