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Olive and Mabel: Two Very Good Dogs


Photo: Andrew Cotter

In early 2020 when lockdown began in Scotland, sports commentator Andrew Cotter had nothing to do, so he began commentating on his dogs and recording the commentaries. Once he began posting the videos of his two Labradors, Oliver and Mabel, they caught on, and began to get millions of views. This may not sound like much of a premise for a webseries, but the videos are utterly charming and funny. Here, I’ll let him tell you.

“My name is Andrew Cotter and in normal life I commentate on sport: Wimbledon, The Masters, The Olympics – that sort of thing. Many years ago this was a channel where I uploaded the occasional video of my passion – climbing mountains, but then 2020 happened and I decided to post some videos of my Labradors, Olive and Mabel on Twitter. Millions of views later and I thought that they should go up on YouTube as well. So Olive and Mabel now really own this channel. And, if I’m honest, they kind of own me as well. So there may still be mountains here, there might even be a tiny bit of me, but above all there will be plenty of them.”

About Mr. Andrew Cotter

Apparently, the dogs have been offered endorsement and merchandising deals, but Cotter has thus far refused. He doesn’t want their sudden fame to go to their heads. Cotter himself has also gotten offers of parody work, but he’s trying to hang onto his reputation as a serious commentator.

“Part of me is thinking how can I do the opening ceremony of the Olympics on the BBC and still have that credibility – if I ever had it, to be calling the big moments, the Wimbledon final, the masters, and people going ‘that’s the guy who talks to his dogs while they’re eating or in a Zoom meeting or building flat-pack furniture.'”

You can follow the trio on Andrew Cotter’s website and on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

10 thoughts on “Olive and Mabel: Two Very Good Dogs

  1. Well why not. Labs are one of the best.

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  2. I agree Labs are great dogs. German shepherds are just a tiny amount better in my world. From those ones that I have seen in person, Labs are more playful. Fun animal. Hal

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  3. Olive and Mabel are stars

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  4. How funny are these?! The Zoom call….I lost it!! 😀 This is brilliant.

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