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Armstrong Now!


Louis Armstrong House Museum

Today’s glorious thing was sent to me by my good friend, ASEP.

The Louis Armstrong House Museum, housed in Armstrong’s home in Corona, Queens, New York, is known and respected for its extensive Black archival collection. In 2020, the museum began a program they call Armstrong Now!, bringing leading contemporary musicians, dancers, and writers to Armstrong’s Corona house, and asking them to make art. The program inspired 27 works of music, poetry, and dance, all presented in a series of beautiful videos.

Each episode features “a short film with contemporary artists showcasing new works inspired by Louis Armstrong and constellations of Black making, thinking, and vitality. Afterwards the artists and special guests discuss their work – salon-style.”

In addition to being one of the greatest American musicians of all time, Louis Armstrong was known as a cultural ambassador throughout the world. The Armstrong Now! project is meant to re-introduce audiences to Armstrong’s legacy by creating a global community that supports the arts, education, and dialogue.

You can learn more about Louis Armstrong House on their website, and you can watch the whole Armstrong Now! video series on their YouTube Channel.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

4 thoughts on “Armstrong Now!

  1. I had the extreme pleasure of seeing him live in New Orleans one night long ago. I just can’t afford to live there. Don’t tell my doctor or my son I made it from Memphis to my home in Citra in one drive. So, I can make it to New Orleans also. They are about the same distance. One day, I will give it a try. Sorry, but I don’t know how to correctly spell Sax a mo. He played a huge put in starting today/s jazz. Hal

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  2. Cool. I’m all queued up on it!

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