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Bluegrass Family


Winter is starting to get to me. Yes, intellectually I know spring is technically one month away, but the months of January, February, and March always feel like an eternity to me. So I decided I needed a little slice of summer today. Enter The Petersens. The Petersens are a family bluegrass band from Branson, MO. The band consists of siblings Katie, Ellen, Matt, and Julianne, mom, Karen, and friend, Emmett Franz. There’s just something about a family band you can’t get from any other combination of talented people. The bluegrass community calls the music made by family groups “blood harmony,” and while it is a slightly gruesome-sounding phrase, it also sounds entirely right. Like Haim and The Staves, The Petersons have that extra something… special.

The bluegrass group was the brainchild of family father, Jon. He went to a bluegrass festival and was inspired by so many families bonding over the music. When they got home, he bought his kids instruments and got them started on lessons. As first a pilot, then a doctor in the Air Force, Jon’s family had to move around a lot, but making music together ensured they always had something to bring them closer. It turned the siblings into each other’s best friends, which comes through in their music. Just watching the pride and affection with which the older siblings look at the younger members of the group during their solos is heartwarming.

You can hear more of the summertime-feeling sounds of The Petersens on their website and on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

9 thoughts on “Bluegrass Family

  1. That sure got my morning going and foot-tapping this AM. My family in Memphis is finally able to get out and about. Seems part of that city has major water problems. I also have friends in Texas and my prayers are sure with them. I clicked on one of the links and watch her American Idol try out and she was outstanding. You need to follow it also. Good stuff. Hal

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  2. Well 4 days of no power surely made a hot shower the best thing this side of heaven. On power meant no internet here in the boondocks of Leake Co. but this too ended and a shout out to the linemen. Of course I am way behind in my surfing and may catch up and may not.
    Oh …forgot to say these kids are really good. Thanks for the intro.

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  3. You find the most wonderful musicians! Thank you for all the joy and beauty you send our way. Love you.

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