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Fur and Feathers


Endre Penovác

Sorry, my dears. Etsomnia is still on break. Yesterday was my final oral surgery, and it’s impossible to be funny while crying and bleeding. Next week, my funny bone should be healed.

In 2015, I found today’s artist’s work, but I couldn’t figure out whose work it was. Today, the mystery is solved!

I have not spent much time in my life trying to make visual art, but my encounters with watercolor and ink all resulted in muzzy messes. Serbian artist Endre Penovác, on the other hand, has more than mastered the media. His mostly black-and-white portraits of cats, birds, and the occasional special animal guest are all so perfectly textured and and so lifelike, I’m in absolute awe. It’s unusual an artist would have such a deep understanding of both fur and feathers, but Penovác is a wizard at both. He is equally facile at capturing his subjects both at rest and in motion, and you wouldn’t think those two things would go together so well. He is clearly an exceptional observer of animal behavior.

It’s not surprising that Penovác’s work is prized by cat fans. I’ve never seen anyone capture the feline anatomy and attitude so perfectly. I’d be proud to have one of his glorious paintings in my house.

You can see all of Endre Penovác’s wonderful ink art on his website and on Instagram.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

16 thoughts on “Fur and Feathers

  1. Love these. the bleeds are just perfect and I really like the chickens.

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  2. Wow! He makes it look so simple. Gorgeous!!

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  3. The chickens are beautiful, but the cats—-I want to reach out and touch that little fluff. He is good!!

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  4. The cats are ‘photo realistic’. The chicken not so. BUT, I love all of them. Great work. Hal

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  5. GAH, these are just gorgeous!!! Thanks for the share (and I hope your start feeling better soon; I didn’t know you were having oral surgery. HUGS!).

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  6. These are just exquisite. And I want to let you know, while you’re recovering, and uncomfortable from surgery, how much pleasure you blog brings Don and me. He’s about to go out and I just had to stop him to show him the pandas. Big smiles. Hope you’re smiling again soon.

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