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House of Helmet


House of Helmet

French product designer Najette Derni created House of Helmet, a modern gallery for art helmets, to promote the use of full-face helmets while supporting artists. The safety helmets are the best quality designs available (Derni was the inventor of two helmet-related patents), and her artists’ methods and materials guarantee that the art is more resistant to both UV fading and gravel impacts.

Some of the helmets are inspired by the work of well-known American abstract painters, while others sport original artworks created by emerging artists around the world. Most recently, Derni has been working to promote women through an internet-funded campaign on IFundWomen.

“My last horse was a FZ Yamaha, my favorite thing to do with it was crossing bridges and feeling this great sensation of openness! House of Helmet was born from an empty bank account, a broken computer and artists crazy enough to believe in the concept, by investing their time and talent. Showcasing Art Helmets of Creators is a way to seize and bring an understanding of humanity. Just like music in the air, their visual stories travel in time and space: that’s what makes the collection so rich and colorful.”

– Najette Derni, House of Helmet founder

In addition to the artful helmets, Derni also sells matching scarves, and many of the original artworks can also be purchased to be hung on the wall.

You can follow the House of Helmet on their website and on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. And you can support Najette Derni’s pro-female artists campaign on IFundWomen.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

14 thoughts on “House of Helmet

  1. Almost worth buying a motorbike so I can get one of these

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  2. Interesting. Love the idea and some of them. Again, I am amazed that somebody thought this up. Guess you/i can’t rate it with stars. Hal

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  3. I still don’t want the teenager to get a dirt bike but…..maybe I’ll say he has to be able to afford one of these and I get to pick it.

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  4. I apologise in advance for puncturing the upbeat vibe with my comment. It is possible that my brother’s life would have been saved had he been wearing a helmet when he crashed his motorbike. Therefore, I am very supportive of any endeavour that encourages people to wear helmets when doing activities that increase the risk of a head injury. Turning helmets into wearable art is a really fabulous idea.

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