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Nopes from Malaysia:



Jimmy Kong


I apologize in advance for the incoherent, run-on sentences in our future. This one has me completely unhinged.

Today, against my better judgement, I bring you repulsive-yet-fascinating macro photography by Jimmy Kong, a sadist who lives in Malaysia, a place I will never go. Kong really gets down in there and photographs the native nopes in great (awful) detail. All the articles I could find about this series suggested the spiders appeared to be looking into the viewer’s soul. What a disturbing thought. Do you think they can see me?

Just looking at these photos is enough to give me a profound case of the willies. I confess that as horrified as I am by his subjects, and that’s a lot, I truly cannot look away from his pictures, and that’s only in part because I’m afraid if I look away, they’ll move.

Follow Kong (if you dare) on Flickr. Yuck.

All images property of Jimmy Kong.

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Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

21 thoughts on “Nopes from Malaysia:

  1. Beautiful series of macros.
    Excellent work!

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  2. Kinda cute in a funny sort of way. Science fiction may not be fiction.

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  3. I love spiders and find the ones with big eyes to be very endearing. My oldest son, however, is so arachnophobic that he’d feel scared even seeing these pictures. This blog post could become a creative punishment …

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  4. I like these photos. But, then, i kinda like spiders. Now, if these were pics of snakes, I’d have not even looked.

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  5. Thanks for the laugh. And the creeps!


  6. wow, these are simply amazing! the level of detail is extraordinary. i guess they’re not scary at all to me because they don’t even look like actual, real creatures. and yet i have a friend who freaks out at the tiniest, most ordinary spider and will smash them like crazy even though i try to explain that they’re actually beneficial. i guess she wouldn’t appreciate this post!

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    • I understand, intellectually, how good they are for us. But I can’t help panicking when there is one inside with me. Outside, I figure I’m on their turf, and I leave them alone. But inside, all bets are off. I go nuclear.


  7. I am officially going to have nightmares..Thank you oh so much.;p I flipping HATE spiders and this photographer needs to seek help for evening thinking about photographing them! lol. ❤

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  8. These are fantastic!!! And I love that the photographer is reflected in the eyes!

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  9. These are wonderful!! Thanks for getting past your own horror to share them with the rest of us. And you really should visit Malaysia – the spiders will move out of your way so you can see how beautiful the country is. ( :

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