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The Art of Family


All the feels without words! The award-winning short animation Napo is about an elderly man with dementia who moves in with his daughter, and how his young grandson connects with him using art and memories. The film was directed by Brazilian Gustavo Ribeiro, who co-wrote it with Daniel Freire and Gabriela Antonia Rosa.

Napo shows the grandfather’s memories in cartoon form, drawn in the style of his grandson’s art. It’s a remarkably sensitive, creative way to tell a tough story, and I admit it made me cry a little.

You can learn more about Gustavo Ribeiro’s studio, Miralumo Films, on their website.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

8 thoughts on “The Art of Family

  1. What a bneut4iful story ending. Thanks Donna, for starting my day again with a big smile — Hal

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  2. Well I am a blubbering mess – but that is not a complaint. This short movie was beautiful and touching and powerful in its portrayal of relationships. The single most important person in my life growing up was my Granddad. I had an incredibly strong bond with him and still, as a grown adult and all these years later, I miss him terribly. I actually have dreams in which I have conversations with him. This movie made me think of that and stirred up all those feelings about how magical that bond I had with him was. Thank you for sharing this delightful movie with us.

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  3. A couple of times a week, I talk with my wife, who died in 4/2010. Especially if I want her advice on what I should do. I guess I am thinking what would she want me to do? But it seems to me, she is waiting for me and she talks back, just like she is still here with me. IF nothing else it makes me feel better. Hal

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  4. Hard to understand until you have been there. Everyone should have someone they miss terribly when they are gone. Sadly they are adding up in my life…Grandparents, sister, youngest son, husband and both parents as well as dear friends but the Lord gives and the Lord takes…it’s part of life.

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