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A Cirque du Soleil Christmas


Although this week, Covid has once again swept through New York City, inspiring all kinds of cancellations, I’m still (cautiously) excited about new live performances. Today, I’d like to talk about the newest Cirque du Soleil show, ‘Twas the Night Before… The show reimagines a Christmas classic, the 1823 poem ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas by Clement Clarke Moore, in signature eye-popping Cirque style. It’s the troupe’s first holiday show, and I’m excited to see what my favorite performers are up to.

“Join Isabella, a curious girl, jaded by the craze surrounding Christmas, as she is whisked away to an upside-down, inside-out world of the poem where she meets colorful characters of this timeless classic. ‘Twas the Night Before… is a flurry of love, Christmas cheer, rip-roaring fun and hugely lovable characters that will become a new tradition for families to cherish. Discover what happened before Santa dropped in!”

The show is appearing in cities across the U.S. through December 27. And if any of you go see it in person, I’d love to hear what you thought!

You can learn more about the show and hear the full soundtrack on the Cirque du Soleil website.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

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17 thoughts on “A Cirque du Soleil Christmas

  1. I have actually never been to any Cirque du Soleil performance. This looks like it would be a fun one. Unfortunately, right now, I am too anxious to risk booking anything between the risk of cancellation or the lack of enforcement of mitigation efforts. I am telling myself that it will make me even more appreciative of live performance once I feel ready to resume these things again.

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  2. I camped in my RV two times in Vegas. I always wanted to see them live but the cheapest ticket was $125.00. Just not in my price range but I sure enjoyed watching today’s posts. I enjoyed it so much my coffee got cold. Hal

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  3. Later…I am way behind..Grands comint tomorrow for a cookie bake day…Pray for me .LOL

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  4. I have not seen this show but Cirque du Soleil is incredible

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  5. We have tickets for a Cirque show in 2022….but all attendance has been reduced here to 50 for the foreseeable future, so I am concerned that we won’t be able to go. We have a few months, but we are feeling a little bit pessimistic. We have already missed one show thanks to Covid.

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