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Repost: Ladies and Gentlemen, the Christmas Jumpers! (Not what you think)



12/13/14: Sainsbury’s, one of England’s largest department stores, put out this video to advertise its line of ugly Christmas sweaters. It’s a cute idea, but I am not pleased that they called these guys seniors. It looks to me like they’re all under 60. Slow down Sainsbury’s! I’m not ready to be classified as senior quite yet.

Ageist outrage aside, I am a little ashamed to admit that while I am roughly the same age as these guys, I can’t do 1/4 of what they can. Good on you, guys!

Author: Donna from MyOBT

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4 thoughts on “Repost: Ladies and Gentlemen, the Christmas Jumpers! (Not what you think)

  1. I got just one word for this — SILLY And that is being nice 🙂 Hal

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  2. It is silly but they are having fun.

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