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Etsomnia™ 336: Wine O’Clock


Etsom·ni·a (/etˈsämnēə/), noun, 1. a sleep disorder caused by obsessive Etsy browsing. 2. The surprising arrival of weird handmade merchandise ordered when one is only half conscious. (True story.) 3. An excuse for me to be an obnoxious, snarky New Yorker once per week.

Over the last few years, our wine collection has utterly outgrown the corner where it has always lived, so I’m on the hunt for a solution. The goal is to go from this to this. I’ve found many lovely things and creative solutions, intermingled with a lot of meh, twee, and cutesy items. I think I may have finally found The One, but the hunt has been so much fun, it seemed like a perfect topic for this week’s Etsomnia™!

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If we didn’t need more storage, I’d be all over this one! By EasyForLifeFamily
This is definitely one of those times you should contact your physician.
A little something from the Not OK Corral Collection.
Very handsome, but who are these people who have only 3 bottles of wine? By BlisscraftandBrazen
I knew ducks were perverts, but this is too far…
You had to know there’d be at least one of these signature Etsy moves…
This mid-century modern reclaimed steel wine rack insert is so stylish! By Birdloft
Just the thing for inclusion in your not-at-all-scary mancave.
We get it. You golf.
In the right space, this would be an absolute knockout! By RAREUpCycle
And for my next trick, I’ll make this bottle of wine disappear!
Wine bondage. How very 50 Shades of Cabernet.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

9 thoughts on “Etsomnia™ 336: Wine O’Clock

  1. No snakes today, thank goodness

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  2. I like snakes and I don’t like spiders with one exception. I have ONE bottle of wine. It is Manischewitz. I love it when I am eating pasta. I don’t like any “dry” wine. YUCk. Yes, that includes champagne. I did enjoy today’s post and had a B I G smiles at one of them.
    I haven’t drunk a beer in the last ten years. Just not an alcohol drinker. But, it does bring back very old memories and my ‘biker’ days. It took Jan about five years to put an end to getting drunk Friday nights. Hal

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  3. I do like that mid-century modern one. That appeals to me. I hope you find the perfect storage system for your wine collection. My solution for wine storage, because I drink white wine, is a small wine fridge. My husband bought me one for my birthday a few years ago. It is not at all aesthetically pleasing and it lives in my utility room, which is even less aesthetically pleasing, but it does the job.

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  4. As usual, your captions are hilarious. Love you.

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