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Guido Mocafico

I know snakes are not everyone’s cup of tea, but I have always found them fascinating. Photographer Guido Mocafico shares my admiration for the oft-misunderstood creatures. His black box photos of snakes are just gorgeous (and a little disorienting). The project is called Serpens, and I cannot stop looking at these photos! Mocafico was even hired by Gucci to photograph some of their high-end accessories with snakes in his signature style. Delish!

Mocafico photographs all kinds of natural and manmade subjects, and his website is a fantastic rabbit hole down which to disappear for a few hours. The artist isn’t on social media (brave!), but below are a few of his works posted by other people.

You can enjoy all of Guido Mocafico’s phenomenal photographs on his website.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

18 thoughts on “Sssexy

  1. I don’t like snakes, at all

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  2. Hello My name is James Calderwood. I live in Port Lincoln in South Australia. For many years my wife, Glenys, and I owned a farm. We had three daughters. This farm needed a lot of work as much of the land was not cleared to grow crops. We all worked hard and over thirty years we trebled the farm production. When prices dropped and interest rates soared, I bought an old bulldozer at Coober Pedy an opal mining town. We worked on this project in the wintertime. We were quite successful and found quite a lot of opal. This helped greatly with the farm income.
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    Sex scenes as in Fifty Shades of Grey are in this Erotic novel.


  3. I like snakes. IF my old eyes were correct there were only two dangerous snakes and maybe a third. There were two Florida snakes that look similar. I can’t remember how you can tell them apart. My oldest son had a rescue snake for a number of years. My only question is, Are they real or art? Hal

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  4. No thanks. If my Mother had seen this the laptop would have been thrown against the wall. She was deadly afraid because of a situation in childhood.

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  5. I am very fond of snakes so I love these portraits. Having them in the enclosed space with the black background really makes their visual texture and patterns and colours pop. What amazing diversity too.

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  6. Having lived in the Texas hill country, I encountered a few snakes, including a few venomous ones. Plus, being the parent of an angsty teen who wanted to harbor such creatures, I lived with a few of them as well (non venomous). My few pics of our pet snakes are not nearly as pretty. While I would not call our pets sexy, we did find them interesting.

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