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Good as Gold


Tawny Chatmon

Photography-based artist Tawny Chatmon overlays her already-beautiful photographic portraits with layers of gems, gold leaf, and paint. Not surprisingly, her work has been compared to the hand-gilded pieces produced by Gustav Klimt during his Golden Phase. The artist’s early work focused mainly on girls and women, but more recently, she has begun including men and families in her work.

“My father played such a paramount role in my, my sisters’, and my mother’s lives. It did not sit well with me that I wasn’t celebrating that in my work, too. It has been 10 years since we lost our father to prostate cancer, yet still, his lessons and love carry us through our days. I thought of my husband too, my brother-in-law, my friend’s fathers and husbands, and all of the world’s compassionate fathers and how important they are, and I especially wanted to celebrate Black fathers who are often depicted as anything other than what they truly are… phenomenal.”

Tawny Chatmon

Chatmon’s recent work with family groupings is also a nod to the pandemic. She wanted to communicate how fleeting our time together can be, and how precious that time is.

You can see all of Tawny Chatmon’s gorgeous work on her website and on Instagram and Twitter.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

13 thoughts on “Good as Gold

  1. I have been following this artist for a while on Instagram. Her paintings are absolutely stunning. I am a fan of Klimt’s aesthetic so I love that she is using those elements of metallics and pattern making in such a fresh way.

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  2. I think her photographs are outstanding. How she captured the tears running down his face is stunning. Hal

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  3. I loved these pictures. What beauty! As a black mother, I was mesmerized by how she captured the emotions of the children.

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  4. Interesting. ..I would be scared of messing up such nice photos.

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  5. I love the Klimt vibe so much! Beautiful work!

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  7. I want to thank her for doing this artwork because so many of us who do want to produce art cannot because of a lack of time or a lack of resources.
    I believe the gold leaf represents the Light and Love within the children. She speaks for all of us- not just herself- when she places her children and family in these beautiful golden-arrayed gowns and clothing.
    And to answer her question of whether it represents the present, the past, or the future- I can see all 3 influences of time conveyed in her portraiture; but most of all there is a desire to reach a state of peace inside her mind- through the bringing together of the blessings she received from her ancestors up until fleeing blessed and appreciative in the present moment and then looking forward into what the future holds, these blessings are carried forward which ultimately gives her peace of mind she is so much searching for.

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