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Repost: Animation the Hard Way



Seewald & Hanna UG

1/7/18: Directed by Boris Seewald and featuring animation by Boris, Miwha, and Mina Suri Seewald (the director’s 3-year-old), “Disco” is a stunning music video made by shooting more than 1,250 individual consecutive paintings on paper. The epic animated effort accompanies a piece by musician Ralf Hildenbeutel from his album MOODS.

Seewald edited together clips from two dance videos he’d shot previously, then meticulously traced and painted every other frame. I realize he was tracing, but even so, I think the art is remarkable. I also find it remarkable that Seewald doesn’t think of himself as a very good artist.

Though the paintings and drawings cycle through a large number of different art styles (including 3-year-old), you still get the strong continuous sense of two subjects, beautiful, solitary dancers, who seem unaware of or maybe even energized by the changes happening around each of them.

And luck for us, there’s a making-of featurette, too!

You can see all of Boris Seewald’s lovely videos on his website.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

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7 thoughts on “Repost: Animation the Hard Way

  1. WOW. If we/I can call what some of the stuff is on the Internet Art, then this is masterful Art. Great stuff. Hal

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  2. Interesting and very time consuming I would think.

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  3. I love the concept and the making -of video, but the music ruined the animation for me. I know that makes me a Philistine, but I just can’t get into that style of music. 😦

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