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Repost: Made in Love


Mariam Ayvazyan/Made in Love

2/26/20: Today, I want to explore the beautiful, nature-inspired jewelry by Made in Love Design. Created by Renaissance woman Mariam Ayvazyan, the pieces are affordable, sustainable, and thrillingly different. After I featured her gorgeous purse in my 2019 Gift Guide, the enterprising Mariam approached me with some information about her jewelry, and I’m very glad she did.

I was fascinated to learn that although she is clearly an accomplished jewelry and accessory designer, Mariam is in fact primarily an architect, focusing on bio-architecture, which explores building designs that reflect natural shapes. That ties in so beautifully to her jewelry and accessory designs! I’m especially obsessed with the pieces that feature what I assumed were black pebbles. I was mistaken!

“My necklaces are made of lightweight wood and are burned using a unique technique. The wood has no paint – the black coloring is from the fire and then each piece is hand polished, leading to the mat shine. I then melt 1000k silver or brass into irregular shapes and then position them within the wood. The pieces are then finished with gemstones or crystals… [T]he pieces are all inspired from wondrous hours spent on the beaches.”

– Mariam Ayvazyan

And wooden pebbles aren’t her only unusual materials. My current favorite is a necklace sporting a crystal cut from a vintage television screen. Quirky AND beautiful? I’m in!

When I asked Mariam if she had any suggestions for those who dream of pursuing design but lack the nerve, she said “Just do it.” If you try and fail, at least you know you gave it a shot. I think she’s absolutely right.

You can see all of Mariam Ayvazyan’s beautiful work on Instagram. You can buy her pieces in the Made in Love Jewelry shop and the Made in Love Design shop.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

6 thoughts on “Repost: Made in Love

  1. These pieces are fabulous

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  2. I agree, fabulous and very beautiful. Guess when you marry a biker you are more interested in leather than in jewelry so thankfully Jan never got very much into jewelry. Like a very long list, body piercing started during my lifetime and I still don’t understand why it is ever done. YUCK. The ‘old tv glass’ looks more like a real stone of some sort. I LOVE it. Hal

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  3. Isn’t burned wood an interesting idea?

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