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2019 Holiday Quirky Gift Guide


(Adorable VW Bus wall art by HavenAmerica)

Can you believe it’s November already? I know my holiday gift guides always feel a bit early, but while shopping half way around the world from the comfort of your armchair is now quicker and easier than ever, shipping times are still something to be considered.

For this year’s gift guide, I tried to focus on more unexpected items. Hope they inspire you. I can tell you they all got the Beloved stamp of approval!

Very handsome dual eyeglasses case (that I plan on getting for myself!)
Adorable bluetooth speaker/phone holder for lovers of retro style
Ocean-themed popsicle makers for fans of water and whimsy

Perfect handmade color-blocked scarf for that friend who’s always cold
Glorious cherry blossom snow globe for the garden fans
A sleek and fantastic cocktail carafe for your favorite stylish hosts
The ideal stocking stuffer for your 50-something female friends (trust me)
A sweet and unexpected pendant for your favorite tea party hostess
Very stylish perpetual calendar from MoMA for lovers of modern design
This Icelandic quartz would make for the perfect dad joke opportunity (you know, for the ‘coolest’ person you know)
Celestial nail wraps for the star in your life
We have one of these wooden acoustic phone amplifiers, and we love it!
A please-invite-me-back key holder for your beach house friends
While it might not be used right away, this rainbow sprinkler would give the kids in your life lots to look forward to!
Gorgeous and practical clutch for the Art Deco lover
A great give-back gift for that person who loves scratch-offs
Ideal art for kitchens large or small for the fans of tiny things
Yummy crystal dice for the IRL gamers
One-of-a-kind geode ring box for when you’re ready to pop the question
This trio of gulls would be great for the bird enthusiast
This one sold, but a hand-painted planter would be great for someone who loves color
Who wouldn’t love a gorgeous leather backpack like this one?
Magnetic strip that frees up valuable fridge shelf space for that beer-loving apartment dweller
Wonderful, graphic lazy Susan for that minimalist kitchen you hang out in
These mismatched earrings would make a cool gift for someone who loves ancient Egyptian design
Adorable ceramic palette and brush rest for the young painter in your life
D.I.Y. cross stitch passport cover allows travelers of all ages to mark the places they’ve been
This repaired Kintsugi bowl would make a thoughtful gift for someone who’s had a rough year
How great would this washable shark cat or dog bed be for your friend with fur babies?
Gorgeous navy clutch/makeup bag for the sophisticated girly-girl
Fantastic rocket ship night light for that kid you just know is going to space someday
Glow-in-the-dark moon pendant for your favorite star gazer
This would make a cute gift for your hairstylist
Matching collar and bracelet for the true dog people (and their pups)
I know a lot of people who would love this silver and teal leather infinity bracelet
Chef’s portable multi-tool for your favorite cook
Awesome reusable, eco-friendly wall decals for that superhero-obsessed kid (or adult)
Glorious silver, gold, and shell mountain pendant for your best outdoorsy friend

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

19 thoughts on “2019 Holiday Quirky Gift Guide

  1. You did good on this. They are pretty neat.

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  2. I am so happy that finally Halloween is over. I enjoyed today’s post and many of the items I would have no problem owning and showing off. Thanks Danna — Hal

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  3. You found lots of gift ideas here, Donna 🙂
    My cat would be happy for the shark.

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  4. I think I will have to get that pendant for myself!

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  5. Love the speaker, the beer magnets and the lazy Susan. As always, you’ve done a great job and should have your own show on TLC.

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  6. Great ideas as always!


  7. Thanks.

    Lots of intriguing ideas!

    Regards Thom

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  8. Thanks for sharing traditional and inexpensive gift ideas

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