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Repost: To Grandmother’s House I Go


Nick Patten 1

Nick Patten

11/17/17: When I met realist painter Nick Patten at last week’s Saatchi art fair, the first thing I said to him was “Who are you, and what were you doing in my grandmother’s house in 1970?” He laughed, but I was only half joking. His work immediately transported me to happier days spent visiting my Nana, and I wanted to take them home with me. In fact, could I have afforded them, there’d be at least one original Patten hanging in my home right now.

Interestingly, though he creates beautiful, evocative paintings, Patten shies away from the term artist. He instead considers himself an artistic painter. His bio describes him as a “get ‘er done painter in a windowless barn in Hudson, New York. This level of humility may sound too good to be true, but speaking to the man was a pure joy, and I think he means every word.

“I’m not sure one ever really becomes an artist… I spend my days making pictures and eventually with luck someone buys them. No one is more surprised than me.”

Since Patten has been supporting himself solely by making pictures for the last 25 years, I think it’s safe to assume he gets that kind of surprise on a pretty regular basis. And so he should. His work is unspeakably lovely and powerful, and getting to see it in person made the trip to the art show in Brooklyn worthwhile (and if you’ve ever tried to park in Brooklyn, you know what a grand statement that is!).

You can see more of Nick Patten’s work on his website, and you can follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. And if you’re interested in painting, I strongly recommend you read Patten’s bio, in which he generously shares fascinating details about his process and his studio setup.

All images property of Nick Patten, used with permission.

Post script: Nick wanted me to mention that he is willing to work out a payment plan for anyone who is considering buying a piece. What a sweetheart!

patten 0apatten 1patten 1apatten 2patten 3patten 4patten 5patten 6patten 7patten 9patten 10patten 11patten 11apatten 12

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

8 thoughts on “Repost: To Grandmother’s House I Go

  1. The shadows. I am fascinated by the light and shadows in his paintings. Truly lovely stuff.

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  2. He does have “good” eye and a wonderful way with the brush.

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  3. What a great artist! I love the use of light and the details in these works…they remind me of my Grandma Becht’s house. She had a staircase that was like the one with the white paneling on the side…except that there was a little bathroom behind the panels. I always thought, what a great use of space! 😆

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