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Really Little Boxes on a Hillside . . .



©Four Lights

©Four Lights

If it’s wee, it’s for me!

Here I go again. My obsession with all things tiny has led me to the lovely Four Lights Tiny Houses company. I know that the tiny house trend means there are companies popping up all over these days, but what makes this one special is that their plans are meant to be executed by one person with little or no building experience. Let me repeat that: they can be built by one average person. I think that’s amazing.  Even the larger bits of Ikea furniture recommend you work with someone else.

©Four Lights

©Four Lights

The possibilities are endless. You could put one in your yard as a play house for the kids, you could build a guest house (for your tiny guests), or you could build it on wheels (did I mention the plans are all approved for RV use?) and take it on the road.  The houses range from 98 to 288 sq. ft., and the plans are sold a-la-carte and can include plans for the furniture and fixtures that suit your needs.  I am especially in love with the craftsman-like feel of the designs.  They’re not just tiny, they’re beautiful, too!

And the best bit? They’re now working with the Sonoma County Zoning Board to set up a site for an entire tiny house community. How thrilling is that?  The community (technically an RV park) would include shared gardens and public space, along with plumbing and power hookups, storage units and parking.

You can check out Four Lights on their Facebook page..

Here’s an illustration of the a-la-carte options:

And here’s a preview of their design, building, and maintenance workshops:

four lights

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

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