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Dirty Pictures


dust 1

©Scott Wade

How does an artist like this get started? Scott Wade, rather than writing rude messages in the dirt on people’s windshields, creates beautiful, detailed, ethereal works of art using just a few rudimentary tools and, mostly, his fingers.

“I lived on a long, dirt road in Central Texas for over 20 years. Since our cars were always dirty, I would often “doodle” in the dust on the rear windows of our cars.”

He works on two types of “canvas:” natural, wherein he either draws on an already-dirty car or he drives a car up and down a dirt road for days until it’s sufficiently covered in gunk, or artificial, which he uses when pressed for time or travelling. To create an artificial surface, he uses “a little oil, a hair dryer, and fine dirt.”

Then it rains (or the car gets washed) and poof, no more art. I was going to say that I wish he’d work in a more permanent medium, but would he have caught my eye if he’d been working in paints? Maybe not.

Happily, his works are now being recognized and he’s making a living playing in the dirt! Even though his work has now attracted fans (and commissions), he still refuses to do anything to preserve his creations.

“I may sometimes feel a little twang of regret, but really it’s great, because that means I get to do another one! The impermanence of this art form is one of the things I really love about it. For one thing, it helps me to not take it too seriously and to really have fun with it. But most important, it reminds me that all of life is transient, that we won’t be here all that long, and to really enjoy the wonder and beauty while we’re here.”

dust 2

©Scott Wade

dust 3

©Scott Wade

dust 5

©Scott Wade

dust 6

©Scott Wade

©Scott Wade

©Scott Wade

dust 7

©Scott Wade

©Scott Wade

©Scott Wade

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

7 thoughts on “Dirty Pictures

  1. Wow! That’s remarkable. I wonder if the vehicles’ owners give their informed consent before he sets to transform their wheels? 😉


  2. This guy is a genius and I love his point of view. LIghten the heck up and enjoy it for what it is. Great message.


  3. Thanks again for nominating me. I have doubts about how well my thank you post was written, but I am tired and I need some sleep.
    Could you please tell me how I can post the award in my sidebar?

    By the way, these pictures are awesome. People out there have so much talent.


  4. The part about being from Central Texas makes perfect sense. Around here you have to make peace with the dirt. But he has clearly taken it beyond peace to art. I feel better about not washing my car too.


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