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Taylor’s Revenge (with a special appearance by Barbra Streisand!)


Taylor Swift is a bad dancer.

Look, no one’s good at everything. She’s beautiful, she seems like a genuinely nice person, and she’s very, very good at her music.  Her moves, on the other hand, have gained such notoriety, they have inspired their own tumblr. In the video for her new song “Shake It Off,” Taylor Swift embraces… no, CELEBRATES her self-perpetuated reputation as an un-cool kid, and pokes fun at her own infamously bad dancing. She is deliciously in on the joke, with very entertaining results. Honestly, I would have liked to see the bad moves a little bolder and the comedy a little broader, but it is clear by the end of the video that it’s intended to be funny. The song is catchy and the video is definitely great fun, though I am guessing that the bad dancer craze isn’t going to catch on any time soon.

If you don’t want to watch the whole video, my favorite moments are:

  1. her weird step-over thing down the corps line at 1:39
  2. the backward bunny hop at 1:58
  3. her leap at 2:17.

Oddly enough, BuzzFeed seems to have either missed the point or deliberately distorted it. Don’t get me wrong. Those gifs are hilarious and very satisfying, but their commentary leads the reader to believe that Taylor attempted to pull off serious dancing and failed. To quote the song, “Haters gonna hate.”

BuzzFeed’s cattiness aside, nothing can spoil the pure joyous goofiness of this video. Enjoy!


Author: Donna from MyOBT

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9 thoughts on “Taylor’s Revenge (with a special appearance by Barbra Streisand!)

  1. Oh my. That *is* bad. I can see what you’re saying about maybe making it more deliberate but… um… it’s pretty obvious she is in on the joke and I thought it was deliberate though of course (a) I read your blog post in its entirety first; and (b) I’ve never seen any of Taylor’s moves before this. In any event, I *loved* this. I participated in a video at my office last year in which we were asked to do some dance moves (without being told how they’d be edited into the broader video) and I taught myself Elaine’s terrible moves from Seinfeld. Only about half of the audience got it and I was *really* hamming it up. The 50% in the dark didn’t watch Seinfeld, obviously, but also didn’t get that I was not really the world’s worst dancer. 😦 Oh, the shame!


  2. Thanks, I needed that. Still feeling the burn of shame from my last foray onto a dance floor. Not that I have the excuse of doing it on purpose. Sigh. Shake it off.


  3. Even when I fell on my butt? You are sweet.


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