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Walls of Voodoo


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©The Internet

I have long had a bias against wallpaper. In the mid-aughts, we were fortunate enough to live in a glorious 100-year-old house with a wonderful history. We loved this house like it was our own. (It wasn’t, it turned out.) But the poor darling needed some serious rehabilitation. And the most onerous job, the hardest, most miserable, most tedious thing we had to do was to remove the many, many layers of (hideous) wallpaper from its plaster walls. That was when my hatred of wallpaper began.

As a sometimes-designer (among other things), I know I have to keep an open mind about such things because some people really love the stuff, but I struggle with it. Then along came The New Wallpaper. This stuff has completely caused me rethink my position. But I’m still not going in for cheery kitchen paper or florals.

wallpaper 12a

Closeup of Oxford

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

14 thoughts on “Walls of Voodoo

  1. Love Letters! Extraordinary.

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  2. Long ago, I had envisioned having textured wallpaper in my living room. That never seemed to happen. At the very least, you’ve given me something to think about…. and these patterns are certainly not boring.


    • That’s true, and you don’t need to spend a mint on textured wallpaper, either. There are some paintable designs that are pretty reasonable and they’re not too much look.


  3. Love letters and Oxford are my picks.


  4. As a big fan of art, my idea of wallpaper is “papering” every wall with art.

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  5. These make me wish our home had more walls! Just awesome.

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  6. Well, except for that first kitschy, yellow kitchen one. 😉

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  7. Yes. Wallpaper is ridiculous. Always has been.

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  8. Omg that almost looks like my Mom’s kitchen when I was growing up. Right down to the mustard yellow metal cabinets and floral wallpaper. How did you know?

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