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Loss and Gratitude (And a Bonus Dose of Cute)


October 29, 2012, sucked

October 29, 2012, sucked

Instead of my usual (sort of) Wordless Wednesday post, I thought I would acknowledge the second anniversary of Hurricane Sandy. I know a lot of the world wasn’t affected by the storm, but along with 9/11 and the loss of my mother, it was one of the defining moments in my lifetime. (May there not be too many more of those, thanks very much).

My neighbor shot a video walking down our block a week after the hurricane. You can see our house near the end with the Amazon River Mermaids sign out front. The video will give you some small idea of how much damage there was, and we were by no means the worst off.

We were really, really lucky. Sure, we lost lots of stuff; everyone did. But unlike many of our friends and neighbors, most of what we lost was replaceable. We’re okay, but it’s still one of those anniversaries I need to honor, and I don’t think that will ever stop. Yes, it took a lot out of us, but more than that, it helped me realize how fortunate I am, and I don’t want to lose sight of that.

That’s enough of that. Here’s a poor zookeeper trying to give two toddlers their medicine. You’re welcome.

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20 thoughts on “Loss and Gratitude (And a Bonus Dose of Cute)

  1. Sort of makes me feel guilty living up in Putnam County now. All we lost was a section of fence; well, and power for a good number of days. As much as it’s great that I can, it pretty much sucks having to get to work an hour early to use the shower in the gym. I used to live right on Shore Parkway in Brooklyn and I saw a picture of the pedestrian bridge over the Belt Parkway getting slammed with waves. That was an eye-opener…

    Great Bob Dylan song.

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  2. I’m tired. You took me through too many emotions in one post. That video is chilling. I confess to have forgotten how bad it was. Thanks for posting that song, it’s always been one of my favorites. And I could watch the panda video all day. I want a job where I can shake my charges to the ground.

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  3. I wish I could put everything this makes me feel in words, but even tho putting things in words is how I make my living, I can’t. The number of people I would truly miss if they were gone from my life is measured in a few dozens but you are in the first dozen. Thank you for staying strong and surviving and being my friend.

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  4. Even having heard you tell me how bad it was in your individual case (as it was for many and worse for others), that walking video hits home and made me feel ill (no apology necessary). You should not stop commemorating the losses even if largely material on your case. It is something we should not forget too soon.

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  5. Your attitude and gratitude surrounding Sandy was great to hear. The video brings back memories of proof of life and recovery. Really enjoyed your take and personalized ” thank you notes” . Also loved how you paired Dylan’s Shelter from the Storm with your story and lastly the cute pandas.


  6. It breaks my heart to see Broad Channel like this. Both my parents were raised there (Smitty) and I was born there. I am still in touch with the binding friendships that grew from back then.

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    • The old girl is recovering. It’s slow, but it’s happening. You should see her now. We’re on W 12th Road, the worst of the moon-tide flooding blocks, so the Army Corps of Engineers is working on raising our street. Everyone’s getting ready to raise their houses, the houses that were torn down are finally reappearing. It’s a real trip.


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  8. Why is it that Broad Channel is rarely on line? This is the latest one in wordpress. I was born there and can understand why they would want to remain out of the limelight – is this the reason?

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  9. Your house number must be ’40’ Had to watch twice to find it. I live in Florida and I have been here during three hurricanes. Nothing like what you had up there. But, I think we are better prepared than New York was. But I have zero idea what you could have done different or how you could have been better prepared. Thank God that nobody got killed. I hope one day you will do a video of what it looks like today. I also have spent time in New Orleans. That city is below sea level so they got it real bad. I still think that tornadoes are worse. We have no sirens to warn us down here. Hal

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    • Weather is tough, and it’s getting more desperate all the time. We luckily qualified for the Build-it-Back program that raised our house 10 feet. So while it won’t be enough in half a century, it should keep us out of the water for at least another 30-40 years.


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