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Feeling Decorous


You’ve probably noticed that I am a bit obsessed with the design of the Art Deco period (c.1908  to 1935). During my wee-hour internet wanderings last night, I stumbled upon the glorious glass panel at right, and it gave me the idea to do a post about Art Deco-style stained glass.

Of course, Frank Lloyd Wright is the best-known designer of art glass during the Deco period, leading the charge in the use of repeating geometric shapes, often as a representation of natural elements like birds and plants. I have long been a fan of his work and the subsequent works it inspired.

I’ve included details where I was able to find them. Enjoy the eye candy!

Ginko Leaf Stained Glass Panel Frank Lloyd Wright Reproduction by

Ginko Leaf Stained Glass Panel Frank Lloyd Wright Reproduction by

“May Basket” Frank Lloyd Wright reproduction by

Savoy Hotel & Grill in Kansas City, Missouri

Savoy Hotel & Grill in Kansas City, Missouri

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Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

18 thoughts on “Feeling Decorous

  1. I love stained glass and I love Art Deco ergo I love the images featured in this post.

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  2. Oh, that Chuck Franklin glass screen…anywhere in my house! Art Deco is my most favorite period. Gorgeous finds, Donna.

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  3. Spectacular! Frank Lloyd Wright was a genius, and the father of eco friendly architecture. Such a genius!

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  4. These are stunning!!!

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  5. Oh so divine. I too, am a lover of ALL things Art Deco. That room divider is heaven ❤
    Thanks for the eye candy.

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  6. Love your blog! I an honored that you chose my stained glass piece “Lotus Flower” from my Etsy site, Stained Glass Country. It is one of my favorite art deco pieces. I live in Austin, but if you are ever in San Antonio, stay at the Drury Hotel downtown….It is Art Deco to the max! (Plus, you will LOVE San Antonio and the River Walk)!

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