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The Art of Gift Giving – 2015 Edition


You know how much time I spend trolling Etsy for awful things to make you (and me) laugh? Well, during those searches, I come across some pretty remarkable stuff, and I bookmark the ones I love. Lucky you!

If we’ve learned one thing from Etsomnia™, it’s that there are a lot of creative people out there. Sure, there have been quite a few items that run the gamut from meh to madness, but there are also some really remarkably lovely, interesting, unexpected items that can’t be gotten anywhere else. I try to give gifts that make a real impression, and I’d be proud to give any of the unique items below.

The gift guide includes some of the marvelous things I’ve posted about previously alongside some remarkable new items I’ve happened upon. I’m leaving the uglies and the awfuls for another day. I’m afraid this one is snark-free, but try to enjoy it anyway. And don’t dawdle! Most of the items I’ve listed are one-of-a-kind, so if you snooze, there’s a chance you’ll lose.

NOTE: I know I’m rushing the season a bit, but after I posted last year’s gift guide on Black Friday, I heard that a few of the Etsy items didn’t arrive in time. It’s not uncommon for Etsy sellers to make their items after they are ordered, so since this year’s list is nearly all from Etsy, I want to give us all a few more days to make sure that we get our gifts in time.

Happy gift giving! (And by the way, most of the non-Etsy items from last year’s list are still available, so if you don’t find what you want below, give that list a try!)

Olivia watercolor and ink wall art by CasaLunaCo

Olivia watercolor and ink wall art by CasaLunaCo

For Children:

Personalized, hand-made children’s guitar
Cutest penguin in the world
Personalized apron and chef’s hat

For Geeks:

Badass recycled metal desk toys
Death Star cookie cutter
Medieval armor hoodie
Star Trek pendant
Dr. Who family car window decals

For Music Lovers:

Pink Floyd Vans Sneakers
Acoustic cell phone speaker
Album cover wall frames
Hand-made kalimba
Mid-century modern record cabinet

For Pet Owners:

Mondrian-inspired glass dish by MinJean

Mondrian-inspired glass dish by MinJean

GPS pet collar (Not Etsy, but a worthwhile gift anyway)
Dog leash holder
Comic book cat toy
Custom pet portrait
Dog seat belt

For Lovers of Interior Design:

Sequin-and-burlap table runner
Vintage travel alarm clock
Air plant terrariums
Framed mission-style tile

For Foodies:

Bacon bourbon marshmallows
Gourmet popcorn and seasoning sampler
Magnetic spice jars (with spices)
Grown-up lollipops
Barbecue rub sampler
Loose leaf tea sampler (with steeper, of course)

For Tweens:

Clip-in rainbow hair extensions
Glitter iPhone case
Single Ladies poster
Vintage sunglasses
Nail art kit

For Readers (and Writers):

Literary art prints
Book parody matchboxes (warning: bathroom humor)
C.S. Lewis quote wall hanging
Virginia Woolf quote necklace

For Drinkers:

Bombay Sapphire rocks glasses
Agate coasters
Cocktail mixer sampler
Vintage travel bar set
Bathtub wine glass holder (and you might want to include a couple of non-breakable glasses so nobody gets hurt!)

For Goths:

Life-sized chocolate skull
Unisex hinged claw ring
Beetle tile
Silver and leather eyepatch (not to be missed)
Sugarskull print

For Colleagues:

Funny desk sign
Maple and acrylic pen
Bye Felicia coffee mug
“The Office” hoop art
Caramel pretzel sampler
Stained glass desk accessories
Adult coloring book
Leather ID badge holder

For Crafters:

God’s Eye kits and tutorial
Washi tape sampler
Silk fabric paint set
Feathered earring kit
Origami papers

For Fashionistas:

Wood and resin necklace
Hand-painted silk butterfly scarf
3-D Printed ring
Vintage birdcage veil hat
Cashmere poncho
Minimalist earrings
Wooden dragonfly purse

For Hipsters:

Mid-century suitcase set
Eyeglasses necklace
Beard grooming kit
Slouchy hat
Eighties sunglasses
Mustache print

For Mermaids:

Mermaid sign
Mermaid sofa throw
Bottle opener
Mermaid flask

For New Yorkers (current and former):

Brooklyn Bridge suitcase lamp
Plaza Hotel bathtub dish
Canned New York City air
Subway line sign
Vintage Empire State Building photo

For Car Enthusiasts:

VW Bug key holder
Packard hood ornament
Driving gloves
Antique wooden roadster

For Your Sweetie:

Mid-century modern Airstream home print 
“Love you more than coffee” 3-roast sampler
Long-stem leather rose bouquet
True North dog tags
Love birds print

For Everyone:

Hilarious hoop embroidery
Unusual planter*
Beautiful (and very, very sharp) rainbow knife
Zinc house candleholder
Miniature Van Gogh replica
Jade Buddha carving
Vintage advertising thermometer
Amethyst and silver keychain
Rainbow-hued mini leather journals
Set of pastel bud vases
Cement and gold planters and succulents
Vintage opera glasses
Custom-painted house portrait
Tapas dishes
Tiny sock monkey (Why? Because everyone needs something tiny that makes them smile.)

*Kidding. I was just making sure you were paying attention.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

46 thoughts on “The Art of Gift Giving – 2015 Edition

  1. That colored glass is beautiful!

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  2. Saving. It will take me forever to go through this wonderful list.

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  3. Thank you for this list. I’m on vacation right now so will have to have a squizz once I’m home with proper Internet. Thanks!

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  4. Thanks for mentioning my CS Lewis Quote Wall Hanging! 🙂

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  5. I have said it before, and I will say it again. You’ve got great taste. There are some fantastic things on the list and I am sure lots of people will take your suggestions.

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  6. So many cool things on this list! I confess, I didn’t look at the unusual planter until I saw the note at the end, and then I had to. It made me laugh, and then it made me think of this: perfect(?) gift for knitters/crocheters:

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  7. This is wonderful! Thank you for helping to promote handmade artists and supply sellers on etsy!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s truly my pleasure. Do you know one of the sellers whose work is listed actually scolded me for not asking permission first? Am I crazy or does that seem a little odd? Annoyed as I was, I decided to leave her work on the list because it really is beautiful, but I will think twice before listing any of her items again.


  8. Donna Nice work and well rounded gift ideas for everyone and even Hardcore trolls. he he
    Please keep up the great work and good luck wt MY OYB~
    Funny last week I found more 80s dead stock eye ware and spent the time on my etsy to update and reduce my spring ware for 2016 just in time for Christmas 2015
    Thank you Donna #BADASS
    Pray for Paris!

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  9. I think I’m done shopping now, thanks to you!

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  10. Thank you for this amazing list ! and for including “Olivia reading Le Petite Prince” drawing ☺

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  11. Thank you for including my bud vases! And for a great assortment of ideas for my own shopping!

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  12. Thank you, Donna, for this lovely post of Etsy gifts.It is a truly beautiful and comlete guide.You did amazing work!

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  13. So much to want. But this is solidifying my urge to take up certain hobbies after I retire. I can’t buy all the hats I want so I am going to have to learn to make them.

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  14. Awwww….Donna, thank you SO MUCH for including our popcorn and seasoning gift set! That was so kind of you – glad it caught your foodie attention!

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  15. Awesome post! You really put so much time into all those links! Thank you!

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  16. And thanks to your post i know what Trinket I am going to use for my thursday post! cheers

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  19. Hi Donna, just wanted to thank you for including my bar set in this well thought out gift list! If you are not doing this as a profession, it would suit you. This list is a treasure trove, truly some thing for every one. Cheers!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you very much for saying that! I would really love to do this for a living. Alas, I have yet to figure out how to monetize it. In the meantime, it brings me great joy.

      You’re very welcome for the mention. It’s a beautiful piece!


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  22. What an honorable intention you have chosen for yourself. Thank you for making the world a better place.

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