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2016 Holiday Gift Guide



Too soon to think about the holidays? Believe me, I agree.

But thanks to the stupid internet, the wide world of retail has turned global. To allow for international shipping times, I thought I’d better get on it early. Last year, I was distressed to learn that some of the items in my 2015 gift guide post arrived too late for the holidays, so I hope you’ll forgive me for rushing the season a bit.

It’s been a very expensive year, and we’re on a pretty tight budget, so this year, the gift guide is, too. These are all cool gifts for $100 or under! Last year, I limited my search to Etsy, but this year, I’m branching out to include other retailers. Some of these items you’ve seen featured in my 2016 posts, others are things you’ve never seen. But whatever the source, I am thrilled to bring them all to you.

Happy pre-pre-holidays!

For fashionistas:

Crashing waves pashmina
Wooden Deco purse
Heart sunglasses
Stunning skull necklace
Gold laptop sleeve
Silk/wool blazer
Mismatched earrings

For design geeks and artists:

Interior design coloring book
Sensu digital paintbrush
Painter’s apron
Color-change umbrella
Wooden art blocks
Smart cloud-connected sketchbook

For foodies:

Seasoned salt sampler
Roasted garlic juice
Truffle pan sauce
Magnetized recipe holder
Campfire marshmallow lollipops
Foodie Fight trivia game 
Gourmet beef jerky sample pack

For musicians and music lovers:

Best-looking USB microphone ever
Electric kalimba

Rustic guitar hanger
Billie Holiday painting
Cigar box guitar kit

For outdoorsy and sporty types:

Pocket monocular
Bluetooth beanie with headphones
Personalized fish cleaning board
Portable solar panel charger
S’well water bottle

For colleagues and executives:

Wooden toy motorcycle
Office chair workout set

Fused glass desk accessories
Cement planters and air plants
Brazilian agate bookends
WTF rubber stamp

Housewarming and hostess gifts:

Table-top fireplace
F-bomb dish towels
Vintage-style flip clock
Boat salad bowl
Digital bluetooth tape measure
Stained glass panel

For funny people:

2017 Cat calendar
Flying F**k
Hodor doorstop

For tipplers:

Vintage cocktail shaker
Moonshine still
Shot glass chess
Scratch-and-sniff wine book
Four season shot glasses

For gadget fiends and computer geeks:

Wireless cellphone charging pad
Light-up phone charging cables
HTML mug
LED wireless iPhone flash
Leather laptop sleeve
Circuit board cufflinks

For readers and writers:

Spotlight bookmark
Vintage library card compact mirror
Book rest lamp
Old book-scented candle

For animal lovers:

Fish hotel
Chunky knit cat or dog bed
Pet grooming glove
Dog umbrella
Guinea pig Santa costume
Felted cat magnets

For babies:

Bicycle bottle opener

Bicycle bottle opener 
(10% discount on all orders using code MYONEBEAUTIFULTHING!)

Freezable teething necklace
Bandana bibs
Cactus nursery wall hanging
Banana teething toothbrush
Baby bath kneeler (best invention ever!)

For little kids:

Round child’s xylophone
Dinosaur tail costume
Edible finger paint
Flying superhero costume

For big kids (and adults who refuse to grow up):

Decorate-your-own headphones
World map illustration
Balloon dog

For tweens and teens:

Glow-in-the-dark hair gel
124-piece art set
Bluetooth shower speaker
Glitter bath bomb

For your mom:

Sea salt and charcoal soap
Wooden business card holder
(7% discount with code MYOBT!)
Infusion water pitcher
Cherry blossom necklace
Lambskin driving gloves

For your dad:

Canvas men’s dopp kit
Wooden block digital alarm clock
Man cave socks
Zebrawood wristwatch
You suck at parking cards
Barney Stimson suit pajamas

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

7 thoughts on “2016 Holiday Gift Guide

  1. The cherries and the crab made me open at least 20 of these links. Bad girl! 😀

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  2. Lots of wonderful items in your list. That colour changing umbrella is going on my Santa list.

    Liked by 1 person

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