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Etsomnia™ Volume 73: Get Stuffed


"Zombie Taco Dog" by BethDeathHorrorDolls. Browse the rest of her store at your own peril

“Zombie Taco Hell Dog” by BethDeathHorrorDolls. I loved her Etsy shop, which is definitely not for the faint of heart. Browse the rest of her store at your own peril, but don’t say I didn’t warn you

Et·som·ni·a (/etˈsämnēə/), noun, 1. a sleep disorder caused by obsessive Etsy browsing. 2. the surprising arrival of weird handmade merchandise ordered when one is only half conscious. (True story.)

While writing my post last week about Clair the world-traveling dog, I looked on Etsy for a couple of stuffed animals to help make my (silly) point, and I realized I’ve never explored the . . . I guess you’d call it diverse selection of stuffed animals and plush toys on Etsy. Quite a few of the offerings are intentionally ugly, some are in truly terrible taste, and much of it is completely random, but some pieces are surprisingly lovely. And while the plush creatures are weird and distressing, many of their titles are often even nuttier than their appearance.

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It seemed fitting to start with a little Bowie tribute. Only slightly creepy Goblin King doll by Panlora

It seemed fitting to start with a little Bowie tribute. Gorgeous AND creepy Goblin King doll (with Farrah hair) by Panlora

“Donut Designer Plush” with mustache. People, if you must make a plush donut, at least give it some personality

"Mr. Pinkles" By SpookyButCute

“Mr. Pinkles” is not the name I would have given this oddity with eyelashes.

How adorable is this posable mermaid? By TheGrumpyGnome

I need this mermaid NOW. By TheGrumpyGnome

I definitely didn't see this pink Dalek coming. By fassbaby

Hilarious pink Dalek “with jingles.” Because when I think of infant toys, I definitely go right to deadly Dr. Who creatures. By fassbaby

Cutie pie? Are you sure that's what you want to call it? By delightfullydarkart

“Cutie pie?” Are you sure that’s what you want to call it?

"Adorable" two-headed bunny. By MechanicalCircus

“Adorable” two-headed bunny.

"Ready to ship - Blobs of Any Color" By KnitKritters

Those who can, do. Those who can’t, make “Blobs of Any Color.”

“Roadkill animal of your choice.” Nope.

"Turtle Goddess with Child" By JustASeriesOfLoops

“Turtle Goddess with Child” which includes materials like “SteamPunk Eyes,” which are definitely a thing, right?

"Pink Bat-Winged Sperm Or Ghost Thing" By spencershook

“Pink Bat-Winged Sperm Or Ghost Thing”

Stuffed hairball. (J/K. Hairballs are much more attractive than this thing.) By nightsideink

Stuffed hairball. I’m joking, of course. Hairballs are much more attractive than this “Alien Novelty Plush.”

I would not have expected to find a plush robot cute, but there he is. By GinnyPenny

I would not have expected to find a felted robot cute, but GinnyPenny proved me wrong

“Herpes” It would make a memorable “whoops, I gave you a disease” gift.

"Twilight the Undead Fox" by Outpost8

“Twilight the Undead Fox” I like his jaunty little lace scarf and his hair bow. Because who doesn’t like an undead animal with a sense of style?

"Charles De Gall-bladder" by OrganBank

This “Charles De Gall-bladder” makes me want to run to the nearest urologist to confirm my bladder doesn’t have eyes.

"Be My Valentine Massacre" bear. By GashlyTentacles

“Be My Valentine Massacre” bear. I’m guessing this maker spent Valentine’s Day alone

I could not resist showing you these weird/cute/weird grim reaper valentines. Let your freak flag fly, Etsy! By WarpedAndWhimsical

I could not resist showing you these weirdly adorable grim reaper valentines. Let your freak flag fly, Etsy! By WarpedAndWhimsical


Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

42 thoughts on “Etsomnia™ Volume 73: Get Stuffed

  1. This was by far the best way to start my morning! Thank you I loved them all….

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  2. Oddly this was a Marmite selection: no room for indifference, only love or loathe. Some of those things just made my flesh crawl (and I spend much of my time drawing zombies) but I loved the mermaid, the grim reapers and the robot. Don’t laugh but I rather liked the bat winged sperm too, not enough to countenance buying it ever but enough to appreciate it. My kids are going to want that roadkill raccoon.


  3. What a beautiful collection of oddities! The idea behind your blog as a whole is inspiring and wonderful =)

    Beth at

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  4. I think your comments with each interesting picture are delightful.

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  5. I wonder, who would buy any of those oddities Donna?

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  6. Repeat after me: “Etsy is for plagiarism, not purchase.”

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  7. Great collection. There is so much creativity here!

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  8. Fun posting! Thanks for including my reapers of eternal love! Check out my shop for further Grim adorables or hit me up with an idea to request your own lovably weird custom reaper 😀

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  9. Hello, BethDeath from here, Thanks much for including one of my monsters on your site! I certainly hope all had a laugh at me Taco Hell dog 😀 He’s the first stuffed animal I’ve done. If you like him, you’ll certainly love my zombie and demon baby dolls!

    Liked by 2 people

  10. That mermaid is gorgeous. And I’m already half a morning into that Pinterest account. And thinking of peppermint bark (we received a tin from Williams & Sonama as a holiday gift) and sea salt dark chocolate caramels. PERFECT MORNING so far, but I think I might need to hit Whole Foods for some, um, um, food.

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  11. I want the pink Dalek!!!!! There. I said it.

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