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House of Rock


cave 0Former businessman Angelo Mastropietro was diagnosed with MS, but he didn’t take his diagnosis lying down.

“I had a lapse which left me paralyzed, which was really the catalyst which made me review where I was at, where I was going, and obviously my lifestyle.” -Angelo Mastropietro

Instead of curling up in a ball and feeling sorry for himself, Mastropietro purchased a 700-year-old abandoned cave in the Wyre Forest, near Kidderminster, England, the region which served as inspiration for Tolkein’s Shire and got to work. He estimates just the breaking up and excavation of the 70-80 tons of rock took him 1000 hours. I don’t know how long his magnificent and inspired design took, but I suspect it was every bit as difficult a process as the rock work.

I can’t imagine any better way to reclaim your sense of self after bad health news than creating your dream home. I applaud Mastropietro for his flawless design, this obvious strength, both of body and character, and his unwillingness to give up. What an inspiration!

Grand Designs Series 15

cave 2a

Grand Designs Series 15

cave 3cave 4

Grand Designs Series 15

That stone-inlaid structure at the left is his shower!

cave 5

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

20 thoughts on “House of Rock

  1. It is amazing when someone can take what life throws at them and throw it back.

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  2. Wowzer! I think this would be a massive achievement even for someone not battling ill health and the dispiriting news of having a chronic and debilitating condition. Impressive.

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  3. Love this – its available to rent and that is a beautiful part of England

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  4. What a story, and what a house! I’d absolutely love living there!

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  5. Amazing in every way. Love the kitchen.

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  6. What a major achievement, especially when your unhealthy. Wow !

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  7. I am in awe. And deeply humbled. Thanks for sharing this.

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  8. I love this, it’s beautiful. The little cactus garden in the kitchen of a cave/rock house in England especially made me smile.

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  9. That house is one of a kind! The details, the designing, the interiors..amazing work ethics.
    Here’s hoping you’ll visit my blog too at

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