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Ray of Light


Ray Vincent

Today, I’m thrilled to bring to you the functioning musical instruments by Ray Vincent that look like art and sound a little exotic, a little otherworldly, and a lot cool. Originally a musician himself, the Canada native has spent his life around music and nature. Now, he gets to put together his two loves, using local and exotic woods that inspire him to create new and interesting instruments for others to play.

“I have always loved creating new things and making music. Here I have combined those things to come up with new sounding specially created instruments. With lots of love and thought put into them as well as honouring nature through sound.”

His instruments include guitars, mandolins, ukuleles, hammered and mountain dulcimers, bouzoukis, and totally original inventions like this 20-stringed harp-like instrument. Most of his pieces can be made with a gorgeous Fibonacci-inspired nautilus-shaped back like the instrument above.

You can check out all Vincent’s gorgeous instruments on his website and in his Etsy shop. You can also check out videos of his lovely works being played on his YouTube channel.

All images property of Ray Vincent/Rootworks.



Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

18 thoughts on “Ray of Light

  1. Beautiful. I’m particularly drawn to the nautilus ones.

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  2. Wow- they sound as good as they look🖤

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  3. That’s amazing, they are beautiful, creative, and they sound really good.

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  4. Beautiful to look at and listen to. Amazing.


  5. Wow, these are so beautiful!

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  6. Uh oh! I already have a collection of guitars of various descriptions to which I shouldn’t really add any more. Now I can use the “but it isn’t another guitar, it’s art” excuse! Thanks for bringing this true artist to our attention. 🙂

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  7. Reblogged this on notewords and commented:
    Musical art.

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  8. Never heard or saw anyone playing that, Much more like a regular guitar.
    sounds beautiful like the regular one’s
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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