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What About Us?



RCA Records

P!nk is at it again, and she’s better than ever. This is the gorgeous video for the first single off of her 2017 album, “Beautiful Trauma.” The song, “What About Us,” is a cry to the heavens about all of the groups whose rights are in danger these days, including immigrants, same-sex couples, minorities, and the like. And in wonderful P!nk form, she’s dancing and singing her feelings with all the power she can muster. The amazing choreography is by the Goldenboyz, known for, among other things, Katy Perry’s Superbowl halftime performance.

I’m especially pleased that although law enforcement is very visible throughout the video, they are watchers rather than bad actors. Law enforcement is so often portrayed in videos of this type as uniformly violent and warlike, and that’s only a segment of that population. I have been fortunate enough to have exceptionally kind, honorable members of law enforcement around me for my entire life, and I know that there are really good ones out there working for the same things as the rest of us. Kudos to P!ink and director Georgia Hudson for not further exacerbating an already fraught relationship between the police and the public.

And in case you missed it, or, like me, suddenly felt the need to watch it again, here’s P!nk’s first collaboration with Goldenboyz, “Try.”

Author: Donna from MyOBT

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21 thoughts on “What About Us?

  1. It’s a powerful video, both with the music and the choreography. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. I’m terribly sad about what’s happened to the relationship between law enforcement and civilians. As a former psych nurse I worked daily with law enforcement and felt the majority of them were good, decent people trying to do a good job. The problems is when you consistently work with violent, belligerent populations, it warps your sense of reality and the tendency is to get over aggressive yourself (this happens to psych nurses as well). It’s a constant struggle with perilous outcomes for all. There seem to be no easy solutions. 😦

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    • Breaks our hearts daily. My law enforcement people are so kind and just, it’s painful to think of them being lumped in with the baddies.


      • I don’t know that it’s so much about the Good guys and the Bad guys. Certainly there are bad apples out there…no doubt about that. I think though, that even a good person, under the severe strain of the job and the daily negativity, could make a bad, highly damaging decision. It is really, really hard to hold up mentally when the majority of the people you deal with in life are of the criminal variety.

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  3. I love this song! Thanks for sharing the link and encouraging me to listen to it again!

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  4. The choreography is stellar. It is really well done and very powerful just in terms of expressive body language. You are right also about it being a more positive portrayal of law enforcement in the context of a community. I feel so badly for the majority of police officers, great people trying to do an important and challenging job, who get tainted by the actions and attitudes of the few. It is a trying time for many communities, the law enforcement community included. Some days I don’t know if we can find a way back from the divisiveness and conflict we are seeing in society right now but I hope we can.

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  5. I adore her – which is saying a lot since most musicians these days have no creativity.

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