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Not Your Grandma’s Cameos


amedeo 0


Last night, I attended maybe the funniest and finest memorial tribute I’ve ever seen. Once the speeches were over, though the room was full of people I adore, I felt the need to get away from everyone and unpack how I was feeling, so I decided to walk home. Distracted and feeling all the feels, I turned on Lex and passed a brightly-lit storefront, from which window the piece above gleamed out at me. I had to stop and look. The window was like something out of one of my more perverse dreams; traditional-looking cameos which, upon further examination proved to have some very un-traditional subjects. Skulls, octopuses, snakes, robots, and the iconic see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil monkeys were among the weird-yet-gorgeous pieces on display.

This, I learned, is the crazy/wonderful jewelry by Italian designer Amedeo Scognamiglio. As a teen Amedeo learned how to carve cameos working in his father’s company, M+M SCOGNAMIGLIO, in the town of Torre del Greco.

After years of perfecting his cameo work and his jewelry style, in 2006, the designer opened AMEDEO, the shop that caught my eye last night. There’s a second shop in Capri, Italy, too.

You can look at all of the artist’s beautiful, witty cameos on the brand’s website. Or go for a visit. The store is totally worth the trip!

All images property of AMEDEO.


Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

22 thoughts on “Not Your Grandma’s Cameos

  1. Love that little robot guy–beautiful work. Fun that it is within walking distance–you may have to take that route more often!

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  2. His work is beautiful and clever. I especially like the Medusa earrings on his website.

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  3. Something for every taste.

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  4. Long live the cameo!

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  5. My grandmother who raised me because my mother died when I was three passed on an Italian/Roman cameo to my wife. Sorry to say today that it got lost some time ago, but I still have the memory. But as I looked on each one, it went from yuck to now original and beautiful they were. Great work = Hal

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  6. These are gorgeous! My favorite is 3rd from bottom!

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  7. Wow! i think these take the prize for originality. Love ’em!

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  8. I love when artisans find a way to keep a traditional method relevant and contemporary. My Gran did indeed have cameo jewellery and at least one intaglio brooch too. I was fascinated by the skill involved in creating the pieces but they otherwise didn’t appeal to me. I am still not altogether sold, I must confess, but I certainly enjoy the wit of these pieces.

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  9. I checked the prices–way out of my ballpark. Oh, well. I’ll keep the ordinary one my MIL left me.

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