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Free and Audible


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I admit it. I love audio books. I’ve been a member of since 2001, when I joined to get access to the free podcast, Robin Williams at Audible, maybe the best interview show I’ve ever had the privilege to hear. As intended, the free program led me to make other purchases, and down the audio book rabbit hole I went. Although I still read traditional books, too, with audio books, I can enjoy two of the great loves of my life, good novels and vocal performance. I have enjoyed thousands (if not more) of hours listening to the books I love. I really enjoy the freedom the hands-free/eyes-free experience gives me. I can read practically anywhere.

And since today begins our final week of the 2018 season on the ocean in Fire Island, audio books have been much on my mind. There’s no place better to listen to a book than on a beach. Who wants to hold a book when you’re sitting in the sand? Your arms get tired, you get squint lines, your tan comes out weird, and you miss all that gorgeous scenery. On the beach, it’s audio books all the way for me. So when I spotted this article, I knew I needed to share it. The article is on Open Culture, a website that shares free web-based cultural and educational media. I have long been a fan of their finds, and this post really knocks it out of the park. They have compiled links to over 900 free downloadable audio books. The list is arranged by genre, and some of the offerings are even available from more than one source.

I’ve loaded up This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald,  a few David Sedaris essays, and some Ogden Nash. It’s going to be a wonderful week!

You can peruse the entire list of free books on Open Culture.



Author: Donna from MyOBT

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14 thoughts on “Free and Audible

  1. Maybe I should look into this for my mother. She even reads the junk mail. lol

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  2. I am not great with audio books. My mind wanders way too much and I get too distracted. I have recently started listening to podcasts when doing housework, however, so maybe I will build up tolerance and be able to digest audiobooks. My husband, however, loves audiobooks because of all the commuting and traveling he does for work so I am going to send this link to him. My kids might make use of it too. Thanks!

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  3. I am not sure I could listen to an audio book sitting in the sand, as I love it way too much to listen to the waves :-). Coming from a land-locked country, with lots of water, but no ocean, I easily sit or better walk and have my feet sandy for hours on end along the ocean and just listen to the waves (See some photographs and how much it really means for me here, if you like: ). But of course, I understand how comfortable it is to listen to audio books and I actually love to listen to stories told to me. After reading your love for Audible, I will surely try it out. Thank you also for sharing this free source of books!

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  4. I’m addicted to Audible. My other half gets the credit card bill and loves to highlight every purchase.

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  5. I don’t know why I haven’t given this medium a go. I mean, I used to adore my mom reading to my brother and me when I was little, so… I don’t know! I must try it!

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