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Antiques Roadshow, Sort Of


Today is a departure for me. First of all, today’s thing is currently going viral, and I hate to conform to what everyone else is posting. Second, after doing a little research on this guy, I have concluded that while he makes some terrific jokes, way too many of them involve crotches and intellectual property piracy for my liking. That said, this group of images made me laugh. Really laugh. So I decided just this once, I needed to jump on the bandwagon.

I have long been a fan of Antiques Roadshow. In case you aren’t familiar with the show, they trot antiques appraisers around the country and people bring in their old junk which is always worth either $15 or $100K. Very little happens in between. The most satisfying parts of the show are 1. when the ponce who is convinced that the butter churn he inherited from Mummy is worth zillions and it turns out to be some 1980s knockoff sold in the gift shop at Colonial Williamsburg, and 2. when some totally deserving, humble sort, usually with a limp or other visible disability, hands over, without much hope, the glass eyeball their weird aunt with all the cats left them, only to discover it belonged to Jesus’s hair dresser and is worth a mint. 

Beloved and I have also been known to use the show as a drinking game, taking a sip every time someone said the word “veneer,” a brilliant idea stolen from the TV show Frasier.

So anyway, Tumblr user Keaton Patti started taking screenshots from the show and adding the captions to them, and the results are undeniably hysterical.

You can follow Keaton Patti on Tumblr.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

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11 thoughts on “Antiques Roadshow, Sort Of

  1. Love the show but none of my stuff would be worth hauling to where ever the lights are. This guy does seem to have a dark mind and a potty mouth.

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  2. I do tune into the show from time to time. Your assessment of it is pretty much on target. I love when the smug get taken down and the humble reap rewards.
    Since you mentioned Frasier, I believe there was an episode where all the Crane men watch Antiques Roadshow. I believe it was Martin who shared you (our) opinion.

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  3. Haha! Dibs on the cat painting!

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  4. Ha ha! Those are some amusing captions. I too love either the reveals that are utterly unexpected and seem to be for the most deserving people or the ones where someone is certain they are sitting on a fortune when actually they’ve been giving shelf space to a piece of mass produced tat. As a fan of schadenfreude, I think the latter might be my favourites.

    We watched Antiques Roadshow religiously when I was growing up. It was our Sunday ritual. I actually went along to the Antiques Roadshow in my mid teens when it came to my hometown. We had zero expectations that the things we were taking along were worth anything but they were definitely old and we wanted to know more about their origins and age. Each of us kids was assigned a different object so that we could all be in simultaneous queues to see the relevant expert. I obviously didn’t get to be on TV but I did meet one of my favourite experts and I did get to see the chap two in front of me in the line get filmed which meant my torso and arm were in the background when that episode aired.

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