What if you spent every day looking for One Beautiful Thing?

Kirby and Kendall


I think I’ve mentioned before that I was adopted. While it has occasionally been a source of inner conflict, mostly being adopted just gave me silly fantasy fodder, especially as a young girl. I spent many happy hours imagining I was the undiscovered daughter of someone fabulous, or maybe royalty, and I regularly daydreamed about discovering an unknown (not unborn. That’s very different) twin out there somewhere. Today’s thing reminded me of that.

This is Kirby. Kirby liked to imagine that he was Kendall Jenner’s secret twin brother. But not satisfied with fantasizing, he made it happen. Sort of. Kirby has been Photoshopping himself into photos he steals from Kendall’s social media accounts, and he’s an absolute pasteup master. I’ve been doing shenanigans like this for nearly 3 decades, but my skills don’t even begin to approach Kirby’s.

“The world is made up of all kinds of people. Some people are models. Some people are veterinarians. Some people yell at you in a mall parking lot for double parking your minivan…”

You can follow the hilarious Kirby Jenner (of course he calls himself Kirby Jenner) on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

All images property of Kirby Jenner, if that is his real name…

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

18 thoughts on “Kirby and Kendall

  1. Oh my gosh–he’s a riot! These are so fantastic. Who’s to say he wasn’t actually there at the photo shoot–not me!

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  2. There .are some pretty goofy people in this world I think he is one of them.
    Plus…aren’t you blessed to have been chosen by choice

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    • That’s exactly how I think of it, too! Except for rare phases when I was looking for things to be dramatic about (13-year-olds are insufferable), I have pretty much been proud of my adopted status. Definitely no complaints here. I certainly do feel blessed.

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  3. These had me spitting-out-coffee laughing this morning!

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  4. Oh, these are hysterical, Donna!

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  5. He’s amazing. I find the images funny because he creates juxtapositions that make the editorial fashion photography or the self-promoting selfies look supremely silly. I am most impressed, however, by his photoshopping and photography skills because he gets the styling and lighting and colour balance spot on each and every time to create seamless images. I think I am going to follow him on Instagram for a regular dose of mirth.

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  6. He is imaginative and fun. I do hope that Kendall loves it!

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  7. I’ve been having a completely rotten several days, crazy awfulness. i happened to open this up and laughed out loud at the wonderful photos! thank you for always finding such incredible stuff.


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