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Every time the zoos get going in a Twitter war, they make the internet a better place. This week’s epic battle is the unsciencing of animals, and plenty of non-zoo sciency types got in on the action, too. The idea is to take a picture of an animal (or fish or insect), then label its parts using funny terms rather than scientific ones.

On the unsciencing images, there’s a good bit of overlap (floof, boop, peepers, and noms are especially popular), but even with the repeated jokes, these pictures are hilarious.

“This anatomy lesson is proudly supported by 0% of the world’s leading scientists.”

Maryland Zoo

I lost about two hours peeping (because that’s in my vocabulary now) as many as I could, and new entries are still coming in! There are all kinds of mammals, birds, insects, fish, and many creatures of all varieties I’ve never heard of! And the whole thing is very child friendly, so feel free to enjoy it with the kiddies.

You can see all the genius unsciencings on Twitter under #UnscienceAnAnimal.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

16 thoughts on “Unscience

  1. Again, I had to sit my coffee cup down because I was laughing so hard. I sent a link to my granddaugher who is a Zoo Keeper at the Memphis Zoo. hal

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  2. Science Twitter wins the internet!

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  3. Haha Haha! Uh, but “on fleek” is so aughts…

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  4. OMG, Donna….!! Toe legumes?! Fantastic!

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  5. So very funny! Thanks for sharing Donna.

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  6. These are so great. I loved hearing muffins and forked nubbins.

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  7. “Every time the zoos get going in a Twitter war, they make the internet a better place.” So TRUE! I love this unscience.

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