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Elegy for the Arctic


Property of Greenpeace

I expected that this video was going to make me sad, but I wasn’t prepared for the tragic beauty of the music and how beautifully it fit the surroundings.

The world-famous Italian composer and pianist Ludovico Einaudi wrote and performed a piece he called Elegy for the Arctic. The piece was performed for the first time on a floating platform in the Arctic Ocean in front of the Wahlenbergbreen Glacier in Svalbard, Norway. The artist wrote and performed the piece to benefit Greenpeace’s Save the Arctic project.

It broke my heart when I learned that the construction of the platform on which Einaudi plays shouldn’t have been possible. The catastrophically-early retreat of sea ice which is a direct result of climate change was the reason the floating stage could be placed before the glacier. And the video was shot in 2016. I shudder to imagine how much worse it has gotten since then.

“I played Elegy for the Arctic in support to the campaign for a marine sanctuary in the North Pole’s international waters. One year has passed, Save the Arctic is still a global priority. We still need your support.”

Ludovico Einaudi

You can find out more about the project and make a donation on Greenpeace’s Save the Arctic website. You can also follow Ludovico Einaudi on his website.

As you might imagine, the making-of video is entirely fascinating, and a real nail biter. When that giant piece of glacier dramatically fell into the water just when Einaudi was about to begin playing, it created an ice wave. The crew had about a minute to hustle the pianist back onto the ship and secure the piano. Yike!

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

12 thoughts on “Elegy for the Arctic

  1. Gorgeous scenery and music…thanks so much for sharing! This post has reminded me of a forgotten love. Long ago (20+ years?) I used to relax to the music of pianist George Winston, and his album Autumn was one of my favorites. I’ve never heard of the composer you posted about today, but his music reminded me of my deep appreciation for the piano. I will add it to my playlist immediately…cuz my playlist is mostly grunge rock, and I need to broaden my horizons. 😉

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  2. Donna, thank you for this. The tremendous beauty of the music and the tragic setting. Really, beyond words.

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  3. The music is beautifully poignant and filming it being played in that context just makes it even more depressing.

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  4. Hauntingly beautiful. It reminds me a bit of Paul Winter’s musical pieces with animal sounds.

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