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Atelier SAD

Is it a house? Is it a houseboat? The answer to both questions is yes! This is the amphibious Port X designed by architect Adam Jirkal for Prague’s Atelier SAD. Constructed from six C-shaped segments made out of insulated composite, the structure is completely modular, meaning you can purchase as many of them as you like and configure them however you want.

“The main idea is that you can connect and expand,” says architect Jerry Koza. “You can live in three modules, then add another for a studio or a meeting room. As lives change, after five or six years on the river, or, say, your child leaves home, you can move it into the mountains near the slopes. It’s about freedom.”

-Architect Jerry Koza

Starting at about $62K, Port X is very affordable, and lightweight enough to be easily transported to the spot of your choosing. And they are designed to be wired for use either on or off the grid. Unlike traditional houseboats, it has no engine, which enables the structure to sit fairly low in the water. This design makes it suitable for even lower-water-depth locations.

Practicality aside, I think the book-like shape of the structure combined with the sleek-but-warm interiors is absolutely gorgeous. I’m going to have a hard time keeping Beloved from running right out and buying one. For that matter, their flexible design is giving me ideas for a communal living project with which I’m always tinkering…

You can visit Atelier SAD on their website.

All images property of Atelier SAD.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

10 thoughts on “Amphibious

  1. At one time, maybe still now, there was a TV program about houses that sat on the water. I remember one fantastic design that even had a basement and a window in the water….

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  2. What a fantastic design! Would feel like you were on vacation permanently

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  3. I’m not really into modern but all of that wood is beautifu. We once dreamed of houseboat living and traveling the intercoastal and then RVing the interior.

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  4. Love it’s use of light and curves. It’s far more appealing than most house boats.

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