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NatGeo Wins Instagram!


Frank Haluska

I have been postponing this one for a while because I was absolutely certain I previously covered this contest, but I couldn’t find the post. I was relieved to (eventually) learn that the contest is a new thing, held in honor of Nat Geo’s Instagram hitting 100 million followers. (That number both blows my mind and helps restore my faith in people a little bit.)

I am beyond thrilled to bring you the National Geographic Instagram Photography contest! During the 1-day submission period, NatGeo received more than 94 thousand entries! And though the submission window was only open for 24 hours, happily, the hashtag continues on. People around the world (of all skill levels) have continued to tag their photos with #natgeo100contest, and as of this writing, the hashtag has nearly 160 thousand entries! The grand prize winner is the first submission below.

You can follow NatGeo where you’d expect to find them (website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.), and you can check out the contest submissions (which are still pouring in) at #natgeo100contest.

The Grand Prize Winning photo by Ketan Khambhatta!
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#Repost @diving.detka (@get_repost) Gracias por la foto 📷 @andremusgrove ⠀ "Mirando hacia abajo desde arriba, como un satélite que orbita alrededor de la tierra, el visor de mi cámara presiona contra mi máscara, esta es una de las vistas más memorables de Mi Mundo. Empujar a través de las fuertes corrientes, la baja visibilidad y las olas ásperas de este día fue el mejor. Definitivamente valió la pena. Con @natgeo alcanzando a 100 millones de seguidores en su Instagram, están celebrando con un concurso de fotografía, el #natgeo100contest y pensamos que no era un mejor momento para volver a compartir esta foto contigo como mi entrada al concurso. 🇧🇸💧📷⠀ Freediver: @davidlangloiss ⠀ #Bahamas #Freedive #SpottedEagleRay " Оторваться невозможно 👁⠀ •••⠀ 👇⠀ Спасибо за 📷 @andremusgrove ⠀ #diving #scubadiving #дайвинг #дайвер #поныряем #подводой #подводныймир #погружение #фридайвинг #scubalife #обучениедайвингу #divingtime #море #мореморе #морезовет #люблюморе #активныйотдых #красноеморе #гаваи #гавайи #филиппины #индонезия #египет #diveindonesia #diverlife⠀ ⠀ Reposting @andremusgrove:⠀ …⠀ "Looking down from above, like a satellite orbiting around the earth, my camera’s view finder presses against my mask, this is one of the most memorable views from My World. Pushing through the strong currents, low visibility and rough waves this day was most definitely worth it. With @natgeo hitting 100 Million followers on their Instagram, they’re celebrating with a photo contest, the #natgeo100contest and I thought it was no better moment to re-share this photo with you as my entry to the contest. 🇧🇸💧📷⠀ Freediver: @davidlangloiss⠀ #Bahamas #Freedive #SpottedEagleRay"

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13 thoughts on “NatGeo Wins Instagram!

  1. They have been the best for over 100 years. They still are. Hal

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    • Absolutely! My favorite birthday gift of all time was when my parents gave me a subscription to the magazine for my 12th birthday. It made me feel so grown up! I read them many times each month. My parents definitely got their money’s worth!


  2. To be able to photograph images such as these….beyond words.

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  3. What amazing images! And that number of submissions in one day is just incredible. There is so much talent out there. National Geographic’s Photo of the Day is my web browser startup page and I am also a print magazine subscriber. It is, therefore, a tad ludicrous that I had not thought to follow them on Instagram. Seeing these photos made me go click follow right away.

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  4. You just never know what other people find interesting. I always enjoy these photos contest,

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