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I Dig Rock ‘N Roll Music


Happy Friday!

As our indoor construction is (allegedly) winding down, my free time is pretty much occupied with sewing projects – duvet cover, throw pillow covers, curtains, etc. I’ve been looking for non-demanding on demand TV shows I can put on in the background. When I saw that Amazon was streaming the lost Carol Burnett episodes, they seemed like just what I needed.

But when I put on the first episode, this amazing bit of 1967 genius popped up, and it commanded my full attention. So much for background noise! At any rate, it was entirely too adorable to keep to myself.

You can watch all the lost Carol Burnett episodes on Amazon Prime.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

5 thoughts on “I Dig Rock ‘N Roll Music

  1. Now that is good entertainment.

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  2. I miss those days. TV was entertainment. — I fell in love with Sonny and Cher back than. Only pop cencert I ever went to was Cher when she was in Memphis a few years back. Hal

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    • We used to watch them, too. It was a family event, sitting around the TV for the variety shows. I miss them.


      • We didnot get TV until I was ten or eleven. Then it was only on for three or fours hours a day. I grew up listioning to the 30 minute radio programs. Lone Ranger, Green Hornet etc. We were family. We all ate at the table. We lived very good without the Internet and Drive up banking and debit cards. There were no Interstate highways and no flying anywhere. We went by train from St. Louis to San Francisco. YES, I miss those old days. Sadly they also died by age 70. Hal

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