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Animals in Pants


James Ward/Jimbob Art

The fantastic plate above popped up in my Etsy suggestions last week, and I just about lost my mind! These are the charming, funny drawings by James Ward, AKA Jimbob Art, “Keeping animals in pants since 2010.” The adorable images are hand-drawn on ceramics, and they make me want to replace all my dishes.

Ward’s animal subjects are adorably anthropomorphized, and like me, they spend their time thinking about, interacting with, stealing, or eating food.

“I feel drawing anthropomorphic characters can describe so much about human emotions and personalities with the juxtaposition of the animal’s expression against his clothing, an item or text…

“One of the main contexts of my recent work is the idea that big scary animals can still express themselves and still like to eat cakes off plates! I often use stereotypes of animals, but aim to make them original and a bit quirky. What I like about drawing animal characters is the response from people who identify with them; usually telling me that they know someone who acts like one of them.”

– About James Ward

Ward’s lovely art is also available on items like tea towels, totes, tankards, trays, tins, and other T words.

You can see and shop all of Jimbob Art’s wonderful items on the Jimbob Art website and on Instagram and Etsy.

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Who is joining me for waffles?

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Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

13 thoughts on “Animals in Pants

  1. I immediately wanted to buy all of these

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  2. I would immediately replace all my dishes for these.

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  3. Just too cute……but!

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  4. Yes, they are all super cute. Enjoyed the view — Hal

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  5. Super cute! I do love my own starry dishes but these are indeed fun and I can relate to the messages!

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