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Wearable Dinnerware


Gésine Hackenberg

Amsterdam jewelry designer Gésine Hackenberg punches holes in Delftware and other antique porcelain and ceramic pieces, and turns the circles into stylish, eminently-collectible jewelry. The graduating discs almost give the impression of pearls, and they’re every bit as wearable. I love the one-of-a-kind nature of the jewelry, and the fun use of old materials in a totally new way.

The collection was inspired by Hackenberg’s grandmother’s pearl necklaces and her extensive collection of porcelain dishes, and you can just imagine how popular both those items were in her grandmother’s home in Germany.

“One of the main themes in my work is placing ordinary utensils in the perspective of jewellery. Objects of daily use often become loved and indispensable to people. What one keeps and owns, often contains an emotional meaning next to its practical function or worth. Possessions, especially personal treasures, define and represent their owner. Jewelry is in particular an outward sign of values that are deeply rooted in the wearer, of what people cherish, in what they believe, and what they desire.”

– Gésine Hackenberg

You can see all of Gésine Hackenberg’s beautiful, unique work on her website and on Instagram.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

18 thoughts on “Wearable Dinnerware

  1. WOW! very interesting art. Again, I would have never thought of doing it. Don’t see any I could wear but I bet Jan would have liked a couple of them. Hal

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  2. I do really like these but….Hopefully the artist is careful…these old pieces ,and some newer ones, are chock full of lead which is harmful.

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  3. Such beautiful colors, and I really like the china. I almost dislike seeing them ruined.

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  4. I frequently make this comment on your blog but my heart soars when I see the apparently endless creativity of the human mind. I absolutely never would have ever thought of punching shapes out of vintage ceramics in order to create beads for jewellery. What an amazing concept and I love the finished pieces. I would love to see the hole punching in action because I feel like some kind of wizardry needs to be involved because how does the piece of ceramic not shatter and crack?

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  5. I love these and yet . . . I love old dishes so much. Mixed feelings here.

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  6. When I first read the title, I had the idea of something more Lady Gaga-like, like a dress made from china pieces. Ha ha. I really love this idea. These are so lovely, and I’ve always been very attracted to pretty china patterns.

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