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Wonders of Color and Design


Roche Bobois

These days, I’m zipping all over NYC. It’s challenging because there’s never enough time to stop and appreciate, but the upside is that I’m seeing things I haven’t seen before. The other day, I was waiting at a fairly familiar bus stop. Because it was raining (and I had once again forgotten my umbrella), I ducked under a nearby awning to wait. It turned out to be the Roche Bobois store at the corner of East 57th and 3rd Streets. I casually glanced through the window, and I became so engaged by what I saw, I missed the bus. These were some very serious windows! Another bus eventually came along, but not before I found the store’s website and dove in. The audacious colors and patterns I saw through the windows were what originally drew me in,* but it was the innovative shapes, textures, and magnificently-bold juxtapositions that set me dreaming.
*Not all the way in. The salesperson was clearly dying for a visitor, but the price tag on the koi vase in the window kept me outside.

I was especially taken with their displays’ wacky, unexpected color combinations. They brilliantly paired curvy white velvet sofas with wild-colored rugs and cool, modern tables, then accented the whole with interesting collections of pillows, throws, and accessories. I had a great time imagining each display in one of the apartments I’d seen.

You can see all of Roche Bobois’s glorious wares on their website and on Instagram.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

15 thoughts on “Wonders of Color and Design

  1. Love their style, colors, the whole ensemble! Someday I would like a room full of their remarkable furniture!

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  2. Beautiful designs but would be really out of place in the setting I live in.

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  3. I bet you can’t buy any of them at Walmart. They are beautiful, just not for my home. Hal

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  4. That first photo—I picture myself sinking in and not wanting to get up. Gorgeous colors!!

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  5. Great French company

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  6. I just enjoyed the colors. So bright and stunning. Wow! So brave!

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