What if you spent every day looking for One Beautiful Thing?

Meet… Me!


Today is a little personal. Actually, it’s a lot personal. Lovelies, a loyal reader and real (though Beloved would call her imaginary) friend has written a post about me! I am beyond flattered, and I thought I’d devote today’s post to her kind efforts.

“I discovered My OBT (One Beautiful Thing) in 2014, a few months after Donna Kramer launched it. I noticed that she regularly posts about my favorite interests: art, dance, humor, music, and photography, among other things. She’s introduced me to some of my favorite performers and artists. Her Etsomnia™ posts are a hoot, and her captions crack me up.

Her About page explains that Donna started her blog after a difficult time in her life, because her doctor said she needed to reduce her stress. Her response was to look for one beautiful thing every day and create a post about it. Her stress-busters have blessed me and many other readers on a daily basis. I am so happy that Donna graciously agreed to be interviewed for ARHtistic License.

If you had told me when I started that I would find people I love – actually LOVE – through my little blog, I would have laughed in your face. But this blog has given me so many unexpected gifts for which I am grateful. Thank you, Andrea, my friend, for your kindness and your humor and your constant support.

You can see my interview with my friend Andrea on her every-lovely ARHtistic License blog.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

20 thoughts on “Meet… Me!

  1. I too look forward to your daily posts. I may not like all of the OBTs but certainly most and I particularly love the Etsy ones.

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  2. It was great fun to read our interview!

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  3. I have posted this many times. I start my day reading your blog and drinking my first cup of coffee. Yes, I enjoyed you adding me to the interview. Hal

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  4. I bet you never thought you’d be touching so many people, adding a bit of positivity to strangers turned friends, when you began.

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  5. I love your blog, Donna. And Beverly, Hal and Laura–I always look to see what they have to say. What a fun bunch you have here! ❤

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  6. It was a happy day when I discovered your blog! Both your mindset and content are indeed beautiful!

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  7. Fantastic interview! Love both of your blogs and it’s nice to see you working together!

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  8. What a wonderful interview and I confess that I audibly gasped and got glassy eyed to see myself mentioned. I am so privileged to know you and to receive your daily dose of joy, wonder, and creative magic.

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  9. Loved reading about you!

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