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Minimalist Menagerie


Lee Sangsoo

Sculptor Lee Sangsoo takes strips of metal and turns them into gorgeous, minimalist sculptures. While the pieces’ details are quite spare, their subject’s identity immediately comes through. What a talent! Sangsoo says his style was initially inspired by Picasso’s small abstract animal drawings.

“The painting is in an imaginary space, but the sculpture is real. You can see, you can touch, and you can feel the air. It exists as human beings exist. Since we live in a three-dimensional space, it is attractive to do three-dimensional art.”

– Lee Sangsoo

I especially love the movement in Sangsoo’s sculptures, and the colors he uses – sometimes true to life, sometimes larger than life – really add something special to his pieces. He also plays with scale; his pieces can range from 1 to 50 or more feet!

You can see all of Lee Sangsoo’s marvelous sculptures on Instagram.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

11 thoughts on “Minimalist Menagerie

  1. Using a bulldozer at Coober Pedy opal fields was a fascinating experience peeling of the rock and dirt to find seashells which have been turned to opal one hundred million years ago, as well as small starfish, mussel shells, a solid gut from a fish or animal, and even a finger from some critter or a penis from a very small man. Some of the opal seashells had spectacular colors. We had a round lump of dirt ripped up with a patterned dome on top. Evidently, a turtle shared a piece of soft rock where he had been once. Another guy found two solid opal turtles years ago and smashed them up to fit in the bucket to get them out of the shaft. Ther y were complete and solid precious opal. I am writing a book about this guy, a Greek who robbed all of his partners Nikki The Greek Leaving Ikaria is the book when finished. I have 60000 words so far. at least another 60000 to finish it, He found millions of dollars and blew the lot , Dying a poor man in Athens three years ago. I have four other books Opal Eggs Of Fire The Opal Dragon Great White Shark TaleUs. and on a different plane Bernado’s Circus an erotic WW2 novel

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  2. These are fabulous sculptures. I love that they are both chunky and solid but also sinuous and dynamic. I think the looping lines of the feline sculptures are especially successful but I also love the stag and the pig. Actually I love them all.

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  3. I also like all of them. I like the birds a little more than the dogs but it was close. I would be happy to see one of them in Ocala FL. Hell put one in the Walmart parking lot. 🙂 Hal

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  4. Well again I have no idea how to twist metal so large but they are really great. I really love the swans.

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