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Charlene From Walmart


Walmart North East

Good morning, Hal (and everyone else)!

In case you haven’t encountered him in the comments section, Hal is a loyal friend, reader, and commenter on this blog, and one of our most valued members. At this point, he feels like part of the family. Hal claims to be a simple guy with simple tastes, but don’t let him fool you. Every story about his life that he’s shared has been fascinating and anything but simple. Exciting stories notwithstanding, dear self-deprecating Hal relates nearly every subject about which I post to Walmart. For example, Hal wouldn’t wear this to Walmart, he wouldn’t buy any of these even if he did find them on the Walmart shelves, he wouldn’t mind seeing these sculptures in the Walmart parking lot, and Hal would have one of these in his house even though Walmart doesn’t sell them. This lovely man is basically a virtual Walmart greeter. So today’s post is just for him.

Meet Charlene, who works at Walmart North East in Maryland. The largely unsmiling (but clearly in on the joke) Charlene poses with various items for sale, and her photos have understandably attracted a lot of attention. Her store’s otherwise humble Facebook page has more than 75,000 followers, and I have no doubt the dry and adorable Charlene is responsible for about 90% of those follows.

“If you ever fire Charlene I will never set foot in another Walmart again” – Maria Mikulec

“Let’s all move to Maryland & work with Charlene!” – Em Ellyn

“Following this page from County Cork in Ireland because of Charlene!” – Rachel Nolan

“She’s getting me through my time sheltering at home. God bless you and your pictures!” – Tracy Casane O’Brien

I’m going to post a few of my faves below, but the comments, which can’t be seen unless you click on the Facebook link, are not to be missed! Someone needs to make a Charlene From Walmart calendar. I’d buy a dozen!

You can see Charlene for yourself on the Walmart North East Facebook page.

Favorite caption ever!
Also my favorite comment: “But… but… Charlene is so cool we won’t need the A/C!”

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

19 thoughts on “Charlene From Walmart

  1. All businesses need a Charlene or two

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  2. The best people work at Walmart. Around 1965 Jan said, “If we can’t buy it at Walmart we can’t afford it ” She was right then and I still follow her words today. Wonder what she would think about all these online sites. Thanks, Donna for the short-out., Hal

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  3. Doctor Charlene…I love that one. Not suprisingly, I am on my way to Walmart now. Not a fan of the store, but their prices cannot be beat.

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  4. I really don’t like Walmart either but around here they are mostly our only option. Wonder what we will do when they are no longer around. I don’t think Sam would be pleased with what they have turned into.

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  5. I love this celebration of Hal and his Walmart witticisms and I love that Charlene gets to dominate social media for her store. I enjoy that she looks so po-faced in the shots no matter what is going on around her.

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