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In Memory


Photo of Himself from an album he shared with me years ago.

Friends, I have some very sad news. You may have noticed that we’ve been commenting on the absence of our loyal reader and dear friend, Hal Loeblein. I learned yesterday morning that Hal has passed. The lovely Lois, another friend and reader who had corresponded with Hal a time or two, sent an email inquiry and received a kind response from Hal’s son, Karl. Our sweet friend died April 28 from complications of pneumonia, Covid, and cardiovascular disease. I was afraid something terrible had happened. He’d been in and out of the hospital for a while, and I knew he was having medical challenges, but even with all that, Hal never missed a post.

Hal lived an interesting life. He enjoyed a wonderful marriage with his now-deceased wife Jan (about whom he talked regularly), he’d served in the military, he was a motorcycle guy, he worked as a professional dancer and loved everything related to dance, and he had some pretty interesting tastes in art. Hal was a man of simple tastes, and often talked about how some of the more extravagant items about which I wrote couldn’t be found at Walmart (which he knew made me laugh). He regularly commented that you’re never too old to learn something new, and that was Hal in a nutshell. He was always interested and engaged, even when he didn’t feel a connection to that day’s subject. He was very generous with his comments, and wasn’t afraid to let us know when he didn’t love something, but he always found something positive to say. Hal told us last month that his dream was to own a one-room log cabin at the foot of the Rockies. I wish he’d gotten to realize that dream.

One of the things I love best about the blog is the wonderful little community that has built up around it, and Hal was a very important part of that community. I loved his comments and his suggestions for new artists. He used to send me links to things he thought I’d enjoy, and though it often took me a while to respond, I always appreciated his thinking of me. In honor of our friend Hal, I thought today, I’d put up some posts that remind me of him. Some were Hal recommendations, some were posts on which he revealed something cool about himself, some were just artists I know he really liked.

Sending love to his family, and wishing them all better days. Farewell, my friend. We will never forget you.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

25 thoughts on “In Memory

  1. Lovely memorial Donna. I will miss Hal’s insightful comments. It may just be me, but I cannot open your links in the post. They take me to WordPress account creation.

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  2. Wonderful Hal….My greatest hope is you are enjoying an even better cabin in the great beyond. You gave me many grins thru the years with your comments.

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  3. Hal was most definitely one of a kind. This is such a lovely tribute, Donna.

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  4. Oh no! I had definitely noticed Hal’s absence from the blog comments and was concerned something was awry but hoped he was just busy with fun life stuff. I am so incredibly sorry, therefore, to read this news. He was a one of a kind bloke who always made comments that added to the joy of your blog community. I am sure his loss will be keenly felt by many. I wish his family gentle days ahead.

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  5. Oh I am so sorry to lose him on your blog. We knew something was not right but … goodness … he will be missed.

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  6. Although I don’t read all the comments, I always read Hal’s. Wonderful, humorous person. I’ll miss his observations.

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  7. Oh, Hal, you will be missed. So sorry to hear this–what a lovely tribute to such a great reader.

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  8. That is so sad. I too was wondering. He was always such a good sport, and this is a great way to remember him. Thanks, Donna

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  9. I’m so sorry, Donna. A Twitter friend passed in April too. Someone I always feel as if my internet friends are immortal. Until they’re not. It’s good to remember the people who have been important in our lives. -hugs-

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  10. I am sorry to read about Hal’s passing. Thanks to Lois for reaching out and for your lovely tribute Donna. I will always remember Hal with fondness and visualize him shopping at Walmart.

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