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Wild Mountain Thyme


Christine Parker

The 2020 film Wild Mountain Thyme starring Emily Blunt, Jon Hamm, and Christopher Walken was recently recommended to me. I found myself with nothing to watch one evening, and put it on, not expecting much. The movie is a truly lovely story, featuring a pair of (wildly attractive) star-crossed lovers who get tangled up in a land dispute involving their two families. During the film, Emily Blunt sings a song I couldn’t stop replaying, for which the movie was named. Blunt does a beautiful, emotional job with the song, but I wanted to hear a few more interpretations, so I looked to YouTube. It delivered up the lovely Christine Parker, about whom I am posting today.

A child prodigy, Parker started playing piano when she was 4, though her songwriting talents didn’t emerge until she was a teenager. As soon as she finished school, Parker began to pursue music full time, but though her voice and music were beautiful on their own, she wasn’t content to do what everyone else was doing. For example, her first self-directed album, The Chapel Sessions, was recorded during a 5-week trip around the UK, producing and filming each song in a different centuries-old English church.

Though I came for her version of Wild Mountain Thyme, I will be coming back for Parker’s originals, which are smooth and melodic and utterly lovely.

You can follow the silken-voiced Christine Parker on her website and on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

7 thoughts on “Wild Mountain Thyme

  1. She has a lovely soothing quality to her voice. I think it would be very relaxing to listen to her.

    It is so funny to me that you did not know the song ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’ because I literally cannot remember a time when I did not know the song. I think it might be compulsory for Scottish people to learn it at birth. It is one of my favourite Scottish folk songs.

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  2. A very smooth voice. Enjoyable this morning. Hal

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