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Repost: Etsy Wins



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6/17/16: Here are some (estimated) statistics:

  • Year I first started obsessing about Etsy: 2010
  • Hours per week I spend browsing Etsy: 20
  • Hours per week I spend writing Etsomnia: 7
  • Average number of Etsy-related posts I write per month: 10

In other words, I’ve spent approximately 7,000 hours on Etsy. Personally, I think that number looks a little low, but I digress.

In all my thousands of hours on Etsy, and in spite of all the stellar Etsy sellers I’ve profiled, I’ve never, ever come across something this fantastic. Are you ready?

horse 1aCostumes for horses. That’s right. I said Costumes. For. Horses. These are the most adorable things I’ve ever seen, and I now need to go get a horse so I can dress him up.

I was doing research for my ‘Murica Etsomnia post, and when this came up, I thought . . . Well, actually, I thought nothing because I passed out from joy. When I came to, though, I thought, “there can’t be more.” Wrong. There are hundreds of items in this shop, and I lost a very happy hour browsing and going “squee.” This leaves dog and cat costumes in the dust!

Dear Pat Davis of MyBuddyBling,

Take my money, please. I don’t need it. All I require is a never-ending stream of photos of horses in costumes.

Your biggest fan,


P.S. Have you thought about a bumble bee costume?

All images property of MyBuddyBling.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

7 thoughts on “Repost: Etsy Wins

  1. No comment — Hal

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    • LOL. That’s not like you.


      • If I can’t say something nice about something, I prefer to say nothing. I dead animal hanging around somebodies neck is just stupid. Ocala FL, where I live is known as the “Horse Captial of the World” Horses are beautiful animals. I can say the same about cats and dogs. All the add on’s and dressing them up does nothing for the animal and they also look dumb. It’s their animal, and they can do what they want, it just belittles the animals and doesn’t belong in my opinion. Happy? Hal

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      • Understood. However, I love animals in costumes as much as I love people in costumes, which is a lot.

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  2. What ever floats your boat. Donna….really ??

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  3. the eyes are freaking me out a little, but those butterfly wings are so rediculous!


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