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Gift Guide 2022


Papers above: Lobsters in Sweaters by Punchy Gifts, City Sidewalks by AThingCreated, Malachite by FishMongersDaughter

Hello, lovelies! It’s that time again. It seems like just yesterday that I was basking in the summer warmth (read: flop-sweating on the subway), yet here we are. November. How did that happen! I know that the supply chain issues aren’t nearly as tragic as they were last year, but I still thought getting a jump on the holiday gift shopping wasn’t a bad idea.

This year’s guide has absolutely no theme. I have just been collecting awesome items during the year I thought might make someone happy. This year, it’s not limited to Etsy, though I did try to keep my list to smaller retailers and artists. I love to support small shops where possible. Here come the gifts!


Beautiful leather laptop sleeve (in many sizes) that doubles as a mousepad by Pikore

Beloved gave me a set of these pouches for my birthday, and I’m a little obsessed!

Super-cool wooden artist’s case

Canvas grocery tote with dividers (that would also work for a trip to the liquor store…)

Delish handmade leather backpack (that I’m going to dream about tonight)


Amazingly cute custom watercolor pet portrait by PreciousPetArt

Multi-colored balloon dog sculpture

Horse & Co. bath soap “Wash your hooves” poster

Waterproof (but still great-looking) way to keep your furniture clean and your animals comfortable


Butter throw pillows by FireboltCreations

Know a stressed-out party giver? How about giving them something they really need?

Invited to high tea? This hand-painted cherry blossom teapot is sure to be a hit!

Beautiful handmade key or jewelry hanger (we have one and we just love it!)

For that friend who always hosts but never cooks

We all have that one friend… (That’s right, nephew, I’m talking about you!)

No, I don’t know why this Art Deco eagle keyholder is so awesome, but it is.

GIFTABLE HOLIDAY ORNAMENTS (that would also make a thoughtful hostess present):

Pink blown glass standing mixer ornament by ThePinkCharlie

Rainbow colors AND snowflake shaped glass? Yes, please!

I don’t know about your friends, but I have many, many people who would flip out over this Elton John ornament!

Your New Year’s Eve party host would love this champagne ornament!

Going to a lot of holiday parties this year? Why not buy this set of nine fused glass tree ornaments and bring one to each host? (You could also tie these to your holiday gifts to elevate your wrapping this year!)

FOR GARDENERS (and aspiring gardeners):

Exotic seeds are always a fun gift, and these Kalanchoe seeds look really interesting! By IrishPlants

Hydroponic windowsill herb garden with rosemary, lavender, and oregano! That must smell like heaven!

Good for both indoor and outdoor plants, these deluxe Japanese steel pruning shears will make your friend the envy of all the gardeners they know!

D.I.Y. fairy garden kit for kids of all ages!

Gardeners love bees, and this bee gift box is just adorable (and very affordable)!


I love the idea of this create-your-own reel viewer from Uncommon Goods

This candle is a great gift from a daughter, but if she’s not an only child, there’s going to be trouble.

A way for the special seniors in your life to share their personal stories

I love these family tree gifts, but it seems like there’s always a surprise late addition. Awkward.

Vintage photo restoration is a meaningful gift and would be great for someone impossible to buy for!!

Very handsome unisex dressing gown with luxurious velvet trim


Interesting (and budget-friendly) minimalist earrings by Scafati

Lovely handpainted snowy tree earrings that would go with everything!

Rose gold North Star necklace. I have one and I wear it constantly!

Beautiful, minimal silver earrings with red enamel I could totally see myself wearing

Gin and tonic open ring made of recycled Bombay Sapphire and Tonic Water bottles

I got these dagger earrings for myself in September, and I’ve barely taken them off!


Running mug by Delicious Accessories

Golf iron hat rack that I think lots of people would enjoy!

Perfect tea towels for the friends with older kids who always seem to be playing sports

Personalized coach whistle for people who don’t live next door

Very cool raised baseball-stitched wallet

The perfect t-shirt for the long-suffering non-sporty spouse


Handmade recycled glass shot glasses by MaisonZoe

Adopt-a-Queen Bee necklace. So cute!

Sustainable dragonfly artwork. I’m a little obsessed!

Beautiful necklace made from recycled Jameson bottles! So stylish!

Great-looking, portable, BPA-free reusable straws!

I love the idea of these coasters made from recycled magazines. Perfect for someone in publishing!


Music table by RavenSkullMagic

Great idea for new parents (because they’re kid-friendly enough to go in any baby’s room!)

I just love this ‘save our animals’ craft kit!

This adorable apron along with a family recipe and ingredients would make a wonderful gift!

Who doesn’t want a personalized rainbow nightlight?

These concrete piggy banks are so cute!

This terrarium night light kit for kids is just adorable!

For your crafty folks:

D.I.Y. mosaic lamp kit by HomeMadeByKei

Homemade felted snowman kit. I might actually try this (even if it’s just to understand how difficult felting is…)

The Milky Way diamond painting kit looks so cool!

This hot air balloon embroidery kit for beginners is very tempting!

I just love this ocean coaster painting kit, suitable for kids or adults!

How cute is this cherry blossom mini paint-by-numbers kit!

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

11 thoughts on “Gift Guide 2022

  1. there’s lots of really good ideas in there; thanks!

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  2. Always good ideas. Thanks…again

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  3. The butter pillows…yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. WOW, I can afford most of them. Maybe all if I looked at all of them. G R E A T ideas. I love them. I did vote today, because I will probably be out of town on the 8th which is a huge voting day in the USA. Hal

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  5. Lot of lovely ideas in here and of course I am ogling the glass ornaments for myself.

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